Applied Industrial Projects 1

Course contents
  • By examining relevant case studies, students learn how to implement aspects of plant and equipment engineering for selected sub-processes in the chemical industry. Basic procedures of process engineering are analyzed in an integrative way on the basis of specific food products, biogenic source materials, and nutritional aspects. Students are assigned with specific tasks to enable them to select appropriate methods and prepare their application at the scale of industrial production. For the development and design of their projects, they are encouraged to draw on respective physical and chemical foundations.
    The seminar covers the preparation of respective flow charts and presentation of basic plant and equipment designs. A special focus is on process development and the individual steps of process planning.
    The course includes a number of tasks relating to a specific product derived from biogenic raw materials. Students are required to develop a concept for the production of the respective product classified either as foodstuff, organic reaction product, or by-product of bioenergy production. The concept is to contain a selection of appropriate biogenic resources as well as an analysis of local and global market conditions.
    The assignments are developed and implemented in close cooperation with respective industrial partners. This is to ensure the practical relevance of the course and to build a bridge between the theoretical and scientific content of the degree program and the practical implementation of projects in the industry.