Production Engineering & Operations III

Course contents
  • Risk management:
    - the term "risk": definition, delineation, quantification, approaches to and perception of risks analyzed on the basis of risks met in every-day life (goal: development of a personal sense of responsibility);
    - consequences for and causes of technical risks analyzed on the basis of selected examples:
    - industrial risk management systems;
    - risk management and compliance;
    - methods and tools of technical risk management;
    - technical safety standards illustrated on the basis of selected examples;
    - the human factor in risk management

    Applied Logistics:
    - development of logistics (from transport, handling, and storage to supply chain management);
    - key functions of logistics;
    - current state of technology in supply chain management;
    - contours of managing value chain networks;
    - megatrends of logistics;

    Production Sustainability:
    -sustainability in the context of environment, economy, social and ethical responsibility;
    - technology and the environment;
    - material flow and energy management in practice;
    - calculation routines for energy efficiency analysis;