Future Challenges for Innovation Management

Course contents
  • "The central task of innovation management is to ensure the future competitiveness of the company. This includes, inter alia, The early anticipation of new developments and trends not only in the company's environment, but also in its own discipline. Particularly in recent years, important new impulses and emerging issues can be observed, which will have a considerable impact on the company's practice. These include new manufacturing technologies (eg 3D printing, lightweight construction), new forms of innovation (eg ""social innovation"", ""open innovation""), new tools and methods of innovation process design (eg design thinking, SCRUM) and new insights Empirical innovation psychology, cognitive and neurosciences (eg, in terms of creativity or the willingness to change individuals).
    The course provides students with an overview of current trends and (further) developments which are of great relevance for company innovation management. Depending on the day's actuality and the wishes of the participants, selected content is illustrated and deepened by means of case studies from the company's practice, independent small examinations, rolling games and experiments."