Product & Price Policy

Course contents
product and program policy (policy regarding products/services offered on the market)
decision-making elements of the product and program policy
product concept and product dimensions
contents and special characteristics of services
product quality: concept of quality, quality management and the concept of total quality management (TQM)
product planning: concept, process, tools
product innovations: concept, process, creativity techniques
brand policy
packaging policy
program policy
pricing policy and terms and conditions policy (contracting policy)
contents and significance of contracting policy
basic conditions for pricing decisions
price-sales functions
structure and elements of a pricing concept
pricing strategies: principles and strategic concepts
high price / low price strategies
skimming pricing / penetration pricing
price differentiation
target pricing
mixed costing
terms and conditions policy
financing offers
supplier's credit
special aspects of pricing
internal transfer prices
determining prices and terms and conditions within the context of export and international marketing