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Our quality study programs provide state-of-the-art knowledge and ensure that theory and practice are merged to create a meaningful whole. Decision makers in management receive and experience comprehensive support in positioning themselves, in recognizing relevant interrelations, in acquiring and developing competencies, methods and skills, and in creating new scopes of action as well as in the designing and undertaking of complex tasks.

Modern learning

All MCI certificate programs pursue a modern approach to teaching that is specifically tailored to the needs of professionals. Intensive modules stretching over several days, usually from Friday to Saturday and in exceptional cases, also from Thursday to Saturday, alternate with practical sessions in which the theoretical content is systematically applied to practice.

The program content is based on the current state of research and knowledge and determined by its practical relevance. Our lecturers provide a framework for reflection and encourage participants to establish a link with their own professional experience. For this purpose, all courses include case studies, group works, presentations, and moderated discussions.

Blended Learning

Several of our programs are based on the innovative blended learning concept. This combines traditional on-campus classes with online sessions. Participants benefit from a maximum of flexibility with regard to both time and location. Please visit the MCI eCampus for more information.

The MCI certificate courses are unique in the German-speaking world in that they can be combined in an integrative way and counted towards our Executive MBA in General Management and MSc in Management & Leadership courses. Both postgraduate programs have been accredited by the prestigious AACSB and bear the internationally renowned FIBAA Premium Seal. They are divided into four stages where, upon the completion of which, graduates are awarded a Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Management & Leadership, respectively.

Stage I & II

Stage I of each program consists of the 36-day General Management course, which teaches basic business administration knowledge. In Stage II, participants have the opportunity to choose an individual area of specialization from the programs available at MCI. In order to successfully complete the first two stages of the respective program, students are required to master a three-day intensive module. This module provides an integrative overview to encourage students’ development of cross-disciplinary thinking and action beyond specialized management knowledge and personal key competencies. This is achieved by involving them in interdisciplinary teams to create a business plan and discuss a living case study.

Stage III & IV

While students of the Executive MBA in General Management program may use Stage III to improve their intercultural competence by completing intensive modules of the International Management Program© at one of MCI’s partner institutions abroad, MSc in Management & Leadership students will acquire advanced leadership skills in the context of the Management, Psychology & Leadership program. For the completion of either of these programs, students are required to write an academically supervised Master’s thesis and attend complementary seminars. Stage IV concludes with a final examination by a committee.

The modular design of the Executive MBA in General Management and MSc in Management & Leadership programs

The modular design of the Executive MBA in General Management and MSc in Management & Leadership programs.

Upon completion of an MCI certificate course, participants will be awarded a certificate, opening the door to new tasks and career options. During all phases of the course, our team provides participants with mentoring and adequate support in line with the MCI philosophy. Participants are also encouraged to participate actively in the course and see every assignment as a unique opportunity to obtain valuable feedback and incentives for personal development.

The inclusion of project work ensures the individual transfer of newly acquired knowledge to professional practice and provides a foundation for continuous assessment. In some programs, this form of assessment is complemented by written examinations.

Project work is assigned in select courses and takes the form of written assignments either to be completed individually or in groups. They are meant to provide an opportunity for reflection, usually addressing entrepreneurial concepts or ideas. Participants shall discuss their projects independently in the context of their newly gained knowledge. In the process, the direct feedback provided by lecturers proves particularly helpful. Participants may, thus, develop a project that may be presented either to their superior, or the management board of their company.

In the "General Management" certificate course, additional written reviews are conducted to test knowledge.

Towards the end of the program, participants will begin to write a comprehensive final paper in accordance with academic guidelines. The final paper typically addresses issues related to the participant’s own professional context and represents an individual guide or implementation plan, also to be used after completion of the course.

If all assignments have been successfully completed and the final paper has received a positive first evaluation, participants are invited to take the final oral examination. The examination includes a presentation and defense of the candidate’s thesis, and questions related to the course curriculum.

If a certificate course has been successfully completed, MCI will issue a respective certificate and a transcript of records approved by scientific management.

The program fee includes tuition, program materials and transcripts, beverages during breaks, and a free membership to the MCI Alumni & Friends association. The fee is determined by the type and scope of the program.

A 10% discount on the program fee is available to groups of three or more participants of the same company or institution. Provisions for the cancellation of registrations are specified in our General Terms & Conditions ( pdf | 54.42K ). Please consider Article III for further details.

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