Business AI

AI-Based Transformation in Companies

The compact certificate course "Business AI" focuses on practical applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business and society. This part-time training is designed for executives, mid-level managers, employees from companies and organizations, as well as entrepreneurs and business consultants who want to integrate AI into their professional context. Through case studies and scenarios, participants develop implementation strategies for AI solutions from technical, legal, and business perspectives. Participants not only acquire key qualifications crucial for the technological advancement of companies and organizations but also strengthen their professional networks to remain competitive and high-performing in the context of digital or AI-based transformation.

Graduates are able to

  • identify and implement practical applications of AI in various economic sectors and societal contexts,
  • analyze the impact of AI technologies on existing business models,
  • develop innovative, AI-supported business strategies,
  • lead and accompany the implementation of complex AI projects,
  • understand and apply ethical and regulatory aspects of AI use in practice,
  • lead interdisciplinary teams working on the development and implementation of AI solutions,
  • recognize and organizationally integrate current developments and trends in AI development.

The part-time course is designed for

  • company executives and managing directors;
  • middle management employees, project managers, and team leaders;
  • executives, emerging leaders, and other decision-makers already working in the field of digitization, IT, and new technologies;
  • decision-makers from other responsibility areas looking to expand their education with professional knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence in the business context;
  • employees from small and medium-sized enterprises who feel inadequately prepared for the opportunities and challenges of Artificial Intelligence;
  • startup founders and entrepreneurs looking to integrate AI as an integral part of their business model;
  • human resources professionals and HR managers interested in utilizing AI for talent acquisition, employee development, and process optimization;
  • individuals interested in expanding their knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence in the business context.



Short Facts
  • Next start: 26.09.2024
  • Application deadline: 01.09.2024
  • Language: German
  • Tuition fee: EUR 3,950,-
  • ECTS: 10

Certification "KI Manager" by Austrian Standards

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Your way to success

The compact course is organized for part-time study and follows a didactic concept specifically tailored to the needs of working decision-makers. The classes are conducted in a blended learning format, combining face-to-face modules with synchronous and asynchronous online modules. The latest insights from science and research are discussed and reflected upon through practical examples.

The program concludes with a written transfer assignment evaluated by an Academic Board. The written transfer assignment is presented and defended online.

  • More information on costs & teaching principles can be found here.
  • Detailed schedule on request.


The lecturers are proven experts in the field of leadership with excellent academic qualifications and international experience. The latest findings from science and research are discussed and reflected upon using practical examples.


Scientific Management

Dr. Lukas Staffler, PhDMCI Senior Lecturer and Scientific Management „LL.M. Digital Business & Tech Law“, Innsbruck / Tyrol
Senior Researcher at University of Zurich / Switzerland

Faculty (excerpt)

FH-Prof. Dr. Stephan Schlögl
MCI Lecturer Department Management, Communication & IT, Innsbruck / Tyrol

FH-Prof. Dr. Christian Ploder
MCI Lecturer Department Management, Communication & IT, Innsbruck / Tyrol

FH-Prof. Dr. Oliver Som
MCI Lecturer Department Business & Management and Senior Researcher, Innsbruck / Tyrol

FH-Prof. Dr. Sabrina Schneider
MCI Lecturer Department Business & Management, Innsbruck / Tyrol

Mag. Johannes Spiess
Head of Data Science & Analytics, Joint Systems GmbH, Innsbruck / Tyrol
External Lecturer MCI

Assoz. FH-Prof. Dr. Kristina Kleinlercher
MCI Lecturer Department Business & Management, Innsbruck / Tyrol

FH-Prof. Dr. Pascal Schöttle
MCI Lecturer Department Digital Business & Software Engineering, Innsbruck / Tyrol

Dr. Johann Laux
British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at Oxford Internet Institut, Oxford / Great Britain


 The MCI certificate programs have been designed to meet the highest international quality standards. They are continuously assessed by internal and external bodies.

All business-related MCI study programs have been accredited by the renowned Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

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