Patent & License Management

Learn how to systematically acquire and exploit intellectual property rights

Innovation and the continuous development of a brand and respective product portfolios are decisive factors for the success of a company in a global and complex environment. The systematic acquisition, protection, and exploitation of patents, licenses, and other exclusive rights may, in fact, determine the success or failure of innovation-oriented companies, institutions of higher education, and extramural research and development programs. International license and patent activities as well as an active approach to investing in patents – under due consideration for their profitability – therefore form an essential part of corporate strategies and economic deliberations to strengthen the economic power and to secure the location of a company. In the fields of technology, business, and law, issues of patent use and property rights management have previously been considered only marginally. Against this backdrop, MCI has set out to create this certificate program and provide a thorough discussion of strategies onf how to use and protect rights to create a competitive advantage.

Upon completion of the Certificate in Patent & License Management program you will

  • have an overview of international opportunities and conditions for acquiring and using patents and similar property rights, both with regard to legal norms and common practice,
  • know the most important institutions and contact persons of the sector,
  • know where to inquire about licenses and patents or similar rights, how they may be assessed, and what their limitations are in the international context,
  • be qualified to develop patent and property rights strategies appropriate for international competition, to evaluate existing strategies, and to derive respective consequences such as risks, financial implications, and operational measures,
  • be able to seize your company’s potential to create intellectual property according to the motto “turn intellectual property into intellectual capital”.

The Certificate in Patent & License Management program provides high-quality training for executives, research assistants, and patent or license advisors in companies, institutions of higher education, or research organizations. The course is also appropriate for business developers, e.g. venture capital consultants, business angels, and individuals with respective responsibility in technology transfer organizations, competence centers, cluster organizations, or public facilities.




Short Facts
  • Duration: 16 days
  • Language: German
  • ECTS: 20

This certificate course can be customized on request.

Dr. Olena Rigger | Program Manager
Dr. Olena Rigger Program Manager +43 512 2070 - 2104

Your way to success

The numerous graduates of the Certificate in Patent & License Management program attest to the success of this course. Please see below for more information:

The Certificate in Patent & License Management program is a part-time course of study based on a didactic concept tailored to the needs of professional decision makers.

The content of the course is divided into 15 modules teaching advanced knowledge of how to acquire and manage patents, licenses, and other exclusive rights. The topics covered include intellectual property strategy and management, technology transfer, and trademark rights and management. The course focuses on the legal framework conditions of the patent system and commercial legal protection, including national and international contract law.

The program includes 16 on-campus sessions. Please also plan extra time for five projects to be completed as part of selected modules and your final paper.

Curriculum ( pdf | 46.31K )

The following achievements are to be provided:

  • Project Work: serves the transfer of learning & implementation into the professional practice and deals with approaches to solutions.
  • Final Thesis: deals with operational problems and approaches to solutions.
  • Final Examination: presentation of the Final Thesis, discussion and feedback.

The faculty includes researchers and experienced practitioners with proven expertise in their respective areas of specialization. Participants in the course will benefit from the combination of recent scientific findings and extensive practical experience provided by our team.

Scientific Management

Prof. Dr. Bernd Ebersberger
Head of Innovation Management at University of Hohenheim / Germany

PA Dr. Stefan Warbek
Patent Attorney and Founder of Warbek Attorneys at Law, Innsbruck / Tyrol

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