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Management and personnel training sessions based on the MCI Method© create customized solutions and employ targeted learning transfer strategies to ensure sustainable implementation and organizational rooting within the company.

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MCI has expertise in the professionalization of management and decision-making in all aspects of competence development and corporate development with the goal of enhancing the ability of the organisation as a whole, and of its various teams and individual employees, to adapt to changing customer and market requirements

  • Needs assessments, customizing, transfer and sustainability are key quality elements in our programs. More specifically, this involves
  • full evaluation of requirements and goals in cooperation with the client, taking due account of current strategic challenges,
  • development of a practicable architecture for qualification and change with the participation of all the company’s stakeholders,
  • learning through support, challenge and feedback in transfer-oriented training modules,
  • sustainable support for the company’s innovation, strategy, target-setting or organizational development processes through the use of Business Impact Papers and/or cross-departmental projects,
  • process-oriented mentoring and implementation with the participation of internal experts and managers, continuous monitoring,
  • evaluation and further development of the program.


Head Executive Education
Susanne E. Herzog
Mag. Susanne E. Herzog Head Executive Education

If you have any questions, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Tel:+43 512 2070-2100

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