Are you looking for a study program that offers you both flexibility and structure? Do you want to learn independently while still benefiting from comprehensive support? Is it important for you to combine both practice and theory during your studies?

Starting in the Fall of 2022, the Entrepreneurial School® will begin offering the Bachelor's degree in General Management, BA (CE). This new Bachelor's program addresses the continuing education needs of airline pilots by building on their prior knowledge and taking into account their specific requirements. The program is designed for working professionals who want to further their academic education in business administration and management. We will individualize your study plan based on your prior credentials. The plan will include only those classes you need and give you credit for the credentials you already possess. Thus, this program allows you to study flexibly in an online format.


The program design at a glance:

  • Individual online phase (90 ECTS): 100% online, guided self-study
  • Focus phase (60 ECTS, 2 semesters): supplementary live webinars (2 times per week) and 12 on-campus days at MCI in Innsbruck
  • Final phase (30 ECTS): 100% online, guided self-study 


Curriculum ( pdf | 2.09M )


Short Facts
  • Academic Title: Bachelor of Arts (Continuing Education) | BA (CE)
  • Duration of study: Varies between 18-36 months* | 180 ECTS
  • Type of study: Online, part-time
  • Language: English
  • Requirements: University entrance qualification and professional experience
  • Starting date: continuously from October 2022
  • Tuition fee: 13.800 – 21.000 EUR*

* depending on the extent of recognition of qualifications and credits from prior learning and the individual time commitment in self-study phases, the program duration, and corresponding tuition fees may vary; max. amount of recognition: 90 ECTS.

 Katharina Mitterbacher | Senior Office Management & Student Support Bachelors's program Business Administration / online
Katharina Mitterbacher Senior Office Management & Student Support +43 512 2070 - 4202

Questions & Answers

You can receive credit for previously acquired formal qualifications (such as courses completed at other formal education institutions), non-formal qualifications (such as in-company trainings) and professional experience. We will be happy to review your qualifications and discuss the corresponding ECTS value in a consultation meeting. You can gain recognition for up to 90 ECTS.

In the first year, a maximum of 10 students will be admitted to the program.

  • Flexibility and accessibility through the online phase (100% asynchronous online format; guided self-study)
  • Electives, project-based learning & mentoring during the focus phase
  • High-quality online learning through the use of the latest e-learning technologies and MCI's experience in online teaching
  • Comprehensive academic, organizational and technical support for students.

The objectives of this new bachelor program are:

  • To impart solid business knowledge within a high-quality, academically sound, and at the same time practice-oriented continuing education program.
  • To strengthen entrepreneurial thinking, decision-making & action.
  • To develop experts who can navigate companies through today's complex (business) world.
  • The content and structure of the Bachelor's program are tailored to the specific expectations and needs of working students.