Bachelor (CE) General Management

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Short Facts
  • Type of study
    part-time | online | English
  • Academic Degree
    Bachelor of Arts (Continuing Education) | BA (CE)
  • Duration of study*
    variable, 18-36 months | 180 ECTS
  • Prerequisites
    University entrance qualification | relevant professional qualification | proof of English
  • Tuition fee**
    EUR 13.800,- to 21.000,-
  • Starting date
    anytime (after passing the admission procedure)
  • Application
    continuously possible

    *The duration depends on the extent of recognition of prior knowledge and the individual study tempo.
    **The tuition fee varies according to the amount of possible recognition of prior learning. Max. possible ECTS points that can be credited: 90 ECTS

Why complete an online Continuing Education Bachelor?

“New career perspectives often require new skills and qualifications. To ensure that you can optimally combine your continuing education with your job, we have developed a flexible online study program that you can complete from anywhere at your own pace, and that already considers your prior knowledge.”  FH-Prof. Dr. Maria Pammer, Academic Director.


Are you looking for a study program that offers flexibility and structure? Do you want to learn independently while still benefiting from comprehensive support? Is it essential for you to combine practice and theory during your studies?

We designed this continuing education Bachelor program General Management, BA (CE) for working professionals who want to further their academic education in business administration and management. Depending on your prior credentials, we will individualize your study plan and allow you to study flexibly in an online format.

This is what makes this study program unique:

  • Maximum flexibility in time and place through the online phases (100% online | 100% free scheduling | optional Q&A Sessions).
  • Possible study start at any time, no fixed semester dates.
  • In-depth study, project-based learning, and mentoring during the 12-month focus phase (regularly MCI webinars |2 optional workshops at MCI).
  • High-quality online learning through the use of the latest e-learning technologies and MCI's experience in online teaching.
  • Comprehensive academic, organizational, and technical support for students through lecturers and MCI study buddy.
  • Possibility of recognition of proven knowledge | Corresponding reduction of the tuition fees and the duration of study.
 Katharina Mitterbacher | Senior Office Management & Student Support Bachelors's program Business Administration / online
Katharina Mitterbacher Senior Office Management & Student Support +43 512 2070 - 4202

If you have any questions about the study program, please contact us.

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Structure & Contents

The General Management BA (CE) Bachelor program offers continuing education that is both practice-oriented and academic-based. The content and structure of the program are designed to meet the needs and expectations of working students.

This Bachelor program focuses on entrepreneurial thinking, acting, and decision-making. The aim is to educate and train experts who can develop companies and businesses in today’s complex (business) world. The online mode gives students the needed flexibility in terms of starting date, duration, location, and content of their study.

We design an individual study plan for the students, which takes into account already acquired knowledge and skills. The recognition of prior knowledge can lead to a reduction of the study time.

Phase 1
                  Online Phase                   100 % online & flexible 90 ECTS                  
Phase 2                   Focus Phase                   Additional live MCI webinars & 2 optional workshop weeks at MCI 60 ECTS                  
Phase 3
                  Online Phase                   100 % online & flexible 30 ECTS                  

Phase 1: Online Phase

During phase 1 (Online Phase, 90 ECTS), students work through the contents of the respective eStudy modules in an accompanying self-study mode. It is possible to start with Phase 1 at any time. Students complete the modules at their own pace without being bound to the regular semester dates or lecture times. Individual modules of this phase can be accredited, depending on students’ prior knowledge.

In this phase, students focus on basic business administration content such as accounting, marketing, operations management, project management, or human resource management & leadership.

Phase 2: Focus Phase

During phase 2 (Focus Phase, 60 ECTS, 12 months), students complete two semester of regular MCI Live webinars and two optional weeks with workshops at MCI. In this phase, students can choose between two specializations: Organizational Development & Workplace Learning or Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Organizational Development & Workplace Learning: In this elective, students focus on the field of human resource management and the opportunities of knowledge management and learning that digitalization offers to companies.
Innovation & Entrepreneurship: In this elective, students focus on processes of innovation management and product development as well as on strategic business management.

Phase 3: Final Online Phase
Phase 3 (final Online Phase, 30 ECTS) again takes place in a pure online study mode. In this phase, students write their Bachelor thesis and take the Bachelor examination. Within the Bachelor thesis, students focus on a problem from their professional background and work on it using academic methods.



Time Model
online | part-time
3 phases: Online Phase | Focus Phase | final Online Phase
2 weeks (optional)
180 ECTS
Tuition fee
EUR 13.800,- to EUR 21.000,-

Module im Überblick

Business Administration 85
Economics, Society & Law 20
Communication & Personal Development 20
Applied & Interdisciplinary Competencies 20
Methodical & Scientific Competences 22
Bachelor Thesis & Exam 13

ONLINE PHASE           90 ECTS
Digital Competence & Self-Management           5
Introduction to Economic History & Economics            5
Accounting I            5
Accounting II            5
Academic Writing            5
Project, Process & Quality Management            5
Fundamentals of Law            5
Data Management &  Statistics            5
Intercultural Competence & Diversity Training            5
Decision Theories & Decision-Making            5
Operations Management            5
Business Communication I            5
Business Communication II            5
Investment & Finance            5
Human Resource Management  & Leadership            5
Research Methods I            5
Marketing & Sales            5
Organizational Development & Change            5

FOCUS PHASE           60 ECTS
Research Methods II            
Strategic Management            
Innovation & Technology Management            
Digital Transformation            
Case Study & Integrative Exam            
Business Ethics            
International Business            
Digital Marketing            
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Organizational Development & Workplace Learning
Digital Project Management & Applied  Project            

Academic Coaching           2
Practical Application            10
Elective Course            5
Bachelor Thesis & Final Exam            13

Mag. Susanne E. Herzog

Program Director

Mag. Susanne E. Herzog

MCI Head of Executive Education & Development

Dr. Maria Wallnöfer

Academic Director

FH-Prof. Dr. Maria Pammer

MCI Head of Department & Studies

Mag. Christiane Aufschnaiter

Deputy Academic Director

Mag. Christiane Aufschnaiter

MCI Head of Studies

Flexibility through online mode

  • Learning where you want
  • Learning when you can
  • Learning as quickly as you want
  • Saving travel times and costs

Support through guided self-study 

  • Organizational support through personal MCI study buddy
  • Ongoing academic support from lecturers (Q&A Sessions)
  • Technical support through IT-Helpdesk

Learning Advantages

  • Individualized learning according to prior knowledge and goals
  • More interactive learning with active exchange, collaboration and networking
  • Development of digital skills

Work – Life – Learn

  • Online Learning facilitates or enables the combination of work, private life and further education.

Through the personal and individualized learning environment at MCI eStudy Campus, students have access to all of the learning content and take their exams there. Students can use the eLearning platform to acquire study content in their preferred multimedia format and study topics in more depth according to their needs.

Technical requirements for admission to MCI eStudy Campus

  • PC / Laptop (current standard): Please use desktop and mobile devices with Android operating system, if possible.
  • Broadband Internet connection
  • Microphone and loudspeaker (headset)
  • Webcam


  • MS Office / Open Office
  • Current Web-Browser
  • (Free) software packages as announced at the beginning of the course

Upon completing the online continuing education Bachelor program, graduates acquire the internationally recognized title of Bachelor of Arts of Continuing Education | BA (CE).

Graduates benefit from a strong network of renowned lecturers from science, business, and society after completing the program. Networking with international students promotes contacts and creates international acceptance for the benefit of the students.

Accreditation by the prestigious Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) testifies to the high quality and reputation of the study program and the degree it awards.

Learning Goals

In order to ensure the transfer of learning and to enable students to develop relevant competencies, the MCI has defined cross-curricular learning goals. These goals and objectives describe, in detail, the knowledge and skills acquired by our graduates on the completion of their studies at MCI.

Stylized globe of white grid lines on an orange circle symbolizes basic business knowledge and skills in general management

Our graduates have fundamental knowledge and skills in management science.

Our students can explain and apply current concepts and theories in management science.

Three white gear wheels on an orange circle symbolize basic knowledge and skills for scientific work

Our graduates have basic knowledge and skills in scientific methodology.

Our students can apply relevant theories and appropriate scientific methods in real-world contexts.

Symbol of a white labyrinth on an orange circle shows adequate problem-solving skills

Our graduates have relevant problem-solving skills.

Our students can make active use of critical thinking skills in analogue or digital contexts.

Our students can approach problems responsibly considering ethical issues.

Three stylized persons in white on an orange circle, arrows between the persons symbolize effective communication

Our graduates have effective communication skills.

Our students can communicate effectively in analogue contexts.

Our students can communicate effectively in digital contexts.

Blue circle with a white speech bubble, a checkmark and a cross symbol in the middle that symbolizes a well-founded decision-making ability.

Our graduates have relevant skills for lifelong, self-regulated learning.

Our students develop motivational skills and the required learning strategies as the basis for successful lifelong learning and professional development.






Who is the program suitable for?

The online continuing education Bachelor program General Management, BA (CE) is aimed at (future) executives and people in management positions who want to continue their education flexibly in terms of time and place next to working. In addition to a university entrance qualification, admission requirements include at least two years of qualified professional experience.

This program is designed for:

  • People without an academic degree with several years of relevant professional experience.
  • People who wish for an education in the field of business administration in accordance with the current state of the art.
  • Graduates with a degree in non-economic disciplines who wish to prepare for international management tasks.
Zwei Personen sitzen zusammen an einem Tisch mit verschiedenen Dokumenten.

Prerequisites & Admission Procedure

Generally admitted to the study program are persons with

  • a general University entrance qualification.
  • at least two years of relevant professional experience.

The admission procedure includes the following elements:

Online counseling interview
The individual study plan is developed in this interview according to the applicant’s prior knowledge.

Online application
The application is made through an online application and also through the following supplementary documents

  • Curriculum Vitae, letter of motivation
  • Proof of a general University entrance qualification
  • Proof of an adequate command of English
  • Proof of relevant professional experience
  • Other certificates for recognition of professional qualification and education

Online personal interview
The interview allows applicants to present themselves personally, narrate their career history, explain their motivation for applying to this program as well as describe their medium-term professional goals.


An admission committee decides on the applicant’s admission to the Bachelor program.

Career & Perspectives

Upon completing the online continuing education Bachelor program General Management, graduates acquire the internationally recognized title of Bachelor of Arts of Continuing Education.

The completion of this Bachelor program qualifies graduates to enter a continuing master program.

Graduates will have opportunities in management and as executives in all industries and companies. They are especially qualified for positions that focus on business management tasks, such as:

  • Project & Process Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Accounting & Controlling
  • HR Management & Personnel Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Consulting
  • Public Administration

Questions & Answers

  • You can work through the content of all modules and finish courses at your own pace. Students are not bound to fixed semester dates or deadlines.
  • Traditional online study programs provide a structured learning environment. You can not finish courses at your own pace. Students are bound to fixed semester dates and deadlines.

  • In addition to traditional bachelor and master programs, MCI also offers study programs in the context of continuing education at universities. These are continuing education programs for decision makers at all management levels who are looking for flexible and customized part time programs.
  • Until now, in higher continuing education, the MBA degree has been the most common degree offered. Since a legal amendment in October 2021, continuing education programs at Austrian universities can also be offered at Bachelors’s level.
  • In these bachelor programs, the academic degree „Bachelor of Arts (Continuing Education)” is awarded, which is often referred to as “continuing education bachelor” in common usage. The extent for extraordinary bachelor studies is 180 ECTS and is equivalent to traditional bachelor programs.
  • This bachelor degree entitles graduates to enter a further master program.

  • You are independent in terms of location and time when completing your studies, which allows you to combine your professional and private life.
  • The study progress is based on your own pace.
  • Take an exam whenever you are ready.
  • The online Bachelor (CE) General Management takes place in guided self-study (academic support through regular Q&A sessions, organizational support through MCI study buddy, technical support through IT helpdesk).
  • Several years of relevant professional experience can reduce your study time as well as your tuition fee.
  • A study start ist possible at any time.
  • Savings in travel time and costs.

  • This continuing education bachelor program offers academic training in business administration and management.

  • According to Fachhochschulgesetz, credits are possible up to a maximum of 90 ECTS.
  • A maximum of 60 ECTS from relevant professional qualifications and a maximum of 30 ECTS from corresponding previous education can be credited.
  • The creditability of previous knowledge is checked individually.

No. Following payment options are possible:

  • single payment
  • payment by instalments (3 instalments)
  • monthly instalments (24 monthly instalments)

  • Bachelor of Arts of Continuing Education | BA (CE)

MCI Alumni are entitled to combine their academic degree with the brand “MCI”. BA (CE) (MCI)