eSTUDY Compact Courses


Would you like to upskill, reskill, or simply satisfy your curiosity about the business world? Expand your business knowledge and skills with our flexible, comprehensive 6-week online courses. Whether you are a professional looking to enhance your career or an entrepreneur seeking to gain a competitive edge, our courses in Accounting, Human Resource Management, Digital Competence, Decision Theories, Investment & Finance, and Marketing & Sales are tailored to meet your needs – flexible and bite-sized.

You can attend the following eStudy Compact Courses:

  • Accounting I
  • Accounting II
  • Decision Theories & Decision-Making
  • Digital Competence & Self-Management
  • Human Resource Management & Leadership
  • Investment & Finance
  • Marketing & Sales

100% online & flexible
The courses are designed to fit seamlessly into the schedule of working professionals. With our bite-sized learning approach, you can acquire valuable business knowledge at your own pace, anytime and anywhere.


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All Compact Courses take place online on our eStudy Campus.

eLearning platform

Here you can find

  • all study-related information. We support you with reference manuals and templates that help and guide you through the entire study.
  • the course content of all modules. Go through it, whenever you want. Checkpoints and quizzes help you to get closer to your degree, step by step. See the progress of your learning success. Acquire course content in multimedia formats. It is available to you on any device.
  • Decide whether and when to watch a learning video, complete self-checks, use the digital library, etc. All lessons are structured in individual input sessions, self-study tasks, and checkpoints. For your optimal learning outcome.
  • Your examinations will be held on this platform.

Online Campus

  • Your virtual class and meeting rooms.
  • Take advantage of the personal academic support – live (sign up for your preferred date) and/or via email
  • Interact with your lecturers – ask questions, clarify uncertainties, discuss the course content, get support for the module completion, share new insights, and celebrate your learning progress.
  • Stay connected with your MCI study buddy and your fellow students.

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Upon successful completion of a course, you will receive a certificate, validating your newly acquired skills and knowledge. This certificate can be a powerful addition to your resume, demonstrating your commitment to professional growth and enhancing your career prospects.

Some professionals may simply want to consume the content without pursuing a certificate. That's why we offer a flexible option for those who wish to learn for the sake of knowledge itself. With our learning platform, you have the freedom to explore the course materials, gain insights from industry experts, and stay up-to-date with the latest business trends.

If a certificate is earned, eStudy Compact Courses can be accredited towards selected courses and programs, for instance, the eStudy Certificate Course or the eStudy Bachelor in General Management. In this case, there will be a cost reduction of the tuition fee of 400,- EUR.

The tuition fee for a Compact Course is EUR 600,- per course.

For whom are the courses designed?

Compact courses are aimed at people from all disciplines who wish to acquire basic knowledge in business subjects. In addition, the courses are addressed to all those who wish to supplement their practical experience with a theoretical foundation from business administration.

What are the advantages of Compact Courses?

You would like to acquire basic knowledge in the classical subjects of business administration, but do not want to complete a full degree program at the moment? Before you take the Certificate Course or even the BA (CE) General Management, you would like to get to know our online format within the framework of a Compact Course? No matter your motivation, the Compact Courses are your ideal choice.

What are the entry requirements for a Compact Course?

You do not have to fulfill any special prerequisites to take a Compact Course. If you complete a Compact Course by earning a certificate and wish to credit it for the BA (CE) in General Management, you must have a general university entrance qualification.