Accounting I

Plan, manage and control operational activities

Dive into the world of financial accounting with the eStudy Compact Course "Accounting I". In just 6 weeks, you will gain comprehensive knowledge of Austrian Accounting Standards and learn how to apply them in practice. From understanding the obligations of bookkeeping to interpreting an annual accounting cycle, you will master the rules of debit and credit and gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of financial flows in both profit and nonprofit organizations. Enroll now and enhance your expertise in finance and accounting.

After completion of this course, you will

  • have a profound knowledge of the major Austrian financial reporting standards.
  • be prepared to apply this knowledge in practice.
  • understand the obligations of entrepreneurs to do bookkeeping.
  • be able to explain the Accounting Cycle in a business year.
  • understand what an account is and know the rules of debit and credit.
  • be familiar with accounting valuations and the individual steps of preparing an annual financial statement.
  • know which information from the financial statements is necessary to manage a company.
  • learn to handle the basic concepts of accounting and become aware of the responsibility of managers for the financial flows in profit and nonprofit organizations.

This course is aimed at

interested persons, young entrepreneurs, and junior managers from all disciplines who would like to gain an overview of the various instruments of finance and accounting as well as an in-depth insight into financial accounting (accounting standards, balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, preparation of annual financial statements). The Accounting II module is the ideal completion of the Accounting I course.

Examination performance

After positive completion of the examination (optional), a certificate can be acquired. The completion of this module consists of the following partial examinations: Multiple-Choice test (20%), written assignment (30%), and oral examination (50%). All examinations can be taken online at flexible times.



Short Facts
  • Time Model: 100% online & flexible
  • Duration: about 6 weeks
  • Workload: aprox. 100 hrs (incl. course completion examination)
  • Language: English
  • Tuition fee: EUR 600,-
  • ECTS: 5
  • Completion: certificate or participation confirmation

It is possible to accredit it to eStudy Certificate Course or eStudy Bachelor General Management.

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