Human Resource Management & Leadership

Recruiting, HR planning, and managing people

Begin an enriching HR Management & Leadership journey through our highly flexible 100% online course. Ideal for curious minds, young entrepreneurs, and emerging managers, this 6-week program prepares you to navigate modern HRM dynamics, interpret trends, and succeed in recruiting, HR planning, and leadership strategies. Elevate your skills and career prospects—join us today for this learning experience.

After completion of this course, you can

  • explain the role of human relations in modern HRM
  • outline prominent HRM-trends
  • outline how context affects HR practice
  • describe different approaches and instruments of HR planning
  • outline what factors make an organization attractive
  • describe what employers typically expect
  • devise typical steps for training and onboarding
  • evaluate recent developments in the field of leadership

This course is aimed at

interested persons, young entrepreneurs, and junior managers from all disciplines who would like to gain a deeper understanding of Human Resource Management. By completing this module, you can improve your skills by acquiring knowledge of current trends and strategies in Human Resources, such as recruitment, HR planning, and leadership.

Examination performance

A certificate can be acquired after positive completion of the examination (optional). The completion of this module consists of the following partial examinations: Multiple-Choice test (20%), written assignment (30%), and oral examination (50%). All examinations can be taken online at flexible times.




Short Facts
  • Time Model: 100% online & flexible
  • Duration: about 6 weeks
  • Workload: aprox. 100 hrs (incl. course completion examination)
  • Language: English
  • Tuition fee: EUR 600,-
  • ECTS: 5
  • Completion: certificate or participation confirmation

It is possible to accredit it to eStudy Certificate Course or eStudy BA (CE) General Management.

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