SWZ Award

The Südtiroler Wirtschaftszeitung and MCI jointly present the SWZ Award 2020, in the amount of 4,500 Euros, for participation in the General Management certificate course.


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SWZ Award 2020

Winner of the SWZ Award 2019

The SWZ Award, in the amount of €4,500 Euros goes to Silvia Valentino from South Tyrol, managing director of the Social Cooperative Vinschgau (SOVI).


Südstern, the network of South-Tyroleans abroad, in cooperation with MCI, awards the Südstern scholarship in the amount of 10,000 Euros for participation in the part-time Master Degree program Executive MBA.


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Süstern Scholarship 2020

The study program commences October 12, 2020.

As a network of South-Tyroleans abroad, Südstern promotes dialogue and communication among its members. The platform is constantly evolving through the ideas of the best South-Tyrolean minds abroad and is in constant dialogue with South Tyrolean business and society. Against this background, Südstern, in cooperation with the Entrepreneurial School® MCI, has developed an attractive scholarship model exclusively for Südstern members, which makes a top-class MBA course accessible to South-Tyroleans abroad at particularly favorable conditions. Therefore, only Südstern members are eligible to participate. A selection committee set up jointly by MCI and Südstern awards the scholarships. In the case of there being two equally well-qualified applications, the scholarship, will be divided equally between the two selected candidates. Legal recourse is excluded.

The MCI Executive MBA program is aimed at international managers and is characterized by its mobile learning format, which allows for flexibility in terms of time and location. In terms of content, the English-language program focuses on leadership, entrepreneurship and digital transformation. Individual fields of specialization can be defined through freely chosen electives at international partner universities. Details: www.mci.edu/mba.


Christian Fohrmann from Pertisau is the winner of the Raiffeisen Bildungsaktie 2019, which he will use to attend the MCI course "Systemic Leadership Psychology", an innovative program designed to strengthen leadership know-how, self-awareness and the ability to reflect.
The Raiffeisen Bildungsaktie is awarded on the basis of the  partnership between Raiffeisen and MCI.

Raiffeisen Education Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to the winner of the Raiffeisen Education Shares. From left Susanne E. Herzog, MCI Executive Education, winner Christian Fohrmann, Gabriele Zimmermann, Raiffeisen Kommunikation. Photo: Franz Oss