Be never again speechless



Professionals, entrepreneurs, managers


In hindsight, anyone can be quick-witted. Being quick to provide the right answer is an art - but one that can be learned! After this seminar, you will be able to expose killer phrases, know how to defend yourself against them, and confidently retain the sovereignty of communication.


Why are we vulnerable?

  • Definition and psychological impact of verbal attacks
  • The instinct as an opponent: physical reactions to threatening situations

What makes us speechless?

  • Our Achilles heels: Examining the 6 most important goals of a verbal attack
  • Analysis of vulnerability and resilience building, using examples from our own world of experience

Why do killer phrases arise?

  • The killer phrase and what makes it so dangerous
  • Definition of rank dynamics and pecking order
  • Impact on the professional environment

How do I become quick-witted?

  • Construction and differences of wit, response and discussion skills
  • Necessary qualities to be quick-witted
  • 4 core rules to assert oneself in groups
  • Selected repartee methods in theory and practice
  • Perfect quick answers


Mag. Lorenz Jahn
Business educator, business consultant, certified personality developer & coach

Short Facts
  • Date(s) and time: 1-day workshop on May 15, 2020, from 9 am to 5 pm
  • Location: MCI, Universitaetsstrasse 15 or facilities close-by
  • Price: EUR 430,- plus statutory VAT

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