Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Armin Fidler, MD, MPH, MSc

2015 - present
Scientific Advisor and Moderator - Management Consulting in Health Care - Periscope

2008 - 2015
Lead Adviser, Health Policy and Strategy, Human Development Network - Advises on strategic direction of the global Health, Nutrition, Population (HNP) portfolio. In charge of international partnerships, including WHO, UN System, GFATM, GAVI as well as major international foundations. Member of the Vice President's Human Development Management Team. Responsible for knowledge management, strategic staffing and the cross-sectoral dimensions of the health sector. Member of Bank's Climate Change Team and Pandemic Disease Management Team. World Bank representative and spokesperson on boards and committees inter alia at the Global Fund (GFATM), Global Alliance for Vaccines (GAVI), European Health Forum (EHFG), Pacific Health Summit, Prince Mahidol Award Conference, Kyoto Science and Technolgy in Society Forum, Tropical Disease Research (TDR), Global Forum for Health Research (GFHR). - The World Bank, Washington DC, USA

2000 - 2008
Health Sector Manager - Europe and Central Asia (ECA) Region. Principal on the World Bank's Health-Nutrition-Population Global Sector Board. Responsible for strategy, management, quality control and partner interface for all World Bank operations in health, nutrition and population for the European Region (comprising 30 client countries). Member of management team for 150 human development sector staff and consultants (Health, Education, Social Protection) at Bank's Headquarters in Washington and in offices in member countries. In charge of management of annual operational department budget and Trust Funds of over USD 20M. - The World Bank, Washington DC, USA

1993 - 2000
Task Manager - Latin America and the Caribbean (until 1997) and Europe and Central Asia Departments. Policy dialogue, lending operations and field work in health sector reform, health finance, public health and the interface between health, social protection and macroeconomics. Managed large technical teams and responsible for multi-million USD budgets and trust funds. - The World Bank, Washington DC, USA

1991 - 1995
Inter-country Advisor - Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI). Planning, implementation, management and evaluation of immunization and primary care programs. Responsible for programming, budgeting, strategy development and aid coordination with international donors. - World Health Organization (WHO/PAHO), Mexico City, Mexico

1989 - 1990
Project Manager - Responsible for design of corporate health policies, objectives and program evaluation protocols, development of a health risk assessment service bureau. Analyzed and compared corporate health promotion practices in Europe and the USA. - The Wellness Councils of Greater Boston, Boston, MA, USA

1986 - 1988
Program Manager - Designed and implemented program for travel and tropical medicine. Initiated establishment of computerized database for travel medicine. Developed advisory service for travel and tropical medicine. - Association for Preventive and Social Medicine, Vorarlberg, Austria

1985 - 1986
Medical Advisor and Manager for the Province of Vorarlberg - Designed and implemented innovative prevention strategies. Recruited and trained staff. Negotiated prevention strategies with health and government officials, launched educational campaigns in mass media. - Austrian AIDS Organization, Austria

1984 - 1986
Field Researcher, Department of Political Sociology - Analyzed sociological and political structure of rural cooperatives and studied consequences of technology transfer. Collaborated in production of radio reports and research papers. Field trips to East Asia and West Africa. - University of Linz, Austria

1984 - 1986
Specialization in General Medicine and Family Practice - Established laboratory and diagnostics for tropical medicine, hygiene and travel medicine. - Krankenhaus der Landeshauptstadt Bregenz, Austria

2020 - present
Member of Advisory Board Pictet Group

2020 - present

2020 - present
Member of Corona Commission (Austria Ministry of Health)

2019 - 2020
International Labour Organization

2017 - present
Member of Scientific Advisory Board Roche

2017 - 2018
Consultant - Preparation and facilitation of a Strategic Hospital Master Plan for the University Medical Center of Rijeka, Croatia. - European Investment Bank (EIB)

1990 - present
Federal Ministry of Health – Regional Health Departments, Austria: Development of Health Reform and Public Health Program concepts for Federal and Regional Governments of Austria.

1989 - 1990
World Health Organization (WHO/PAHO), Washington DC, USA: Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI). Implemented epidemiological surveillance system. Conducted epidemiological surveillance study and surveys (cluster sampling).

Macroeconomics and fiscal management - Joint Vienna Institute of the International Monetary Fund (Certificate)

Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK (Certificate: Social Development Leadership Program (SDLP) on climate change and environmental and social policies.)

The London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK (Certificate: Summer School, full credit course in Public Finance and Wellness Economics.)

Harvard University, Graduate School of Business, Boston, MA, USA (Certificate: Executive Development Program (EDP) as well as Corporate Finance Course for World Bank Senior Managers, jointly with Harvard Business School, Stanford Business School, INSEAD, and University of Madrid Business School.)

1990 - 1991
Centers for Disease Control and Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA (Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Program at CDC. Graduate of the EIS program for epidemiological field service at CDC headquarters. Certificate in Epidemiology and Biostatistics of Emory University School of Public Health. )

1988 - 1990
Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA, USA. Department for Health Policy and Management (Master of Public Health degree in 1989. Concentration in International Health. Master of Science degree in Health Policy and Management in 1990. Awarded Kellogg Fellowship for outstanding academic achievement. )

Medizinische University of Wien, Austria (Certificate: Department of Hygiene, Division of Parasitology. Graduate Course in Medical Parasitology: Advanced laboratory techniques for diagnosis of infectious and parasitic diseases. )

1984 - 1985
University of Hamburg, Germany. Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. (Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (DTM&H). Internship, Bernhard Nocht Institute, Clinical Department. Physician in charge of infectious disease ward, including special care facilities for AIDS patients.)

1978 - 1984
Medizinische University of Innsbruck, Austria (Medical Doctor degree (cum laude). Research assistant in the Departments of Pediatrics and Microbiology. Awarded fellowship of the Austrian Ministry of Science for outstanding academic achievement.)

Adjunct faculty, lecturer, Department of Health Policy and Management, School of Public Health. Lecturing and mentoring assignments. Lectures on Comparative Health Systems Analysis with emphasis on EU, Europe, Central Asia and Latin America. - The George Washington and Georgetown Universities, Washington DC, USA

Courses on International Health Policy and Management as well as International Health Technology Assessment. - MCI Management Center Innsbruck

University of Bologna

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World Bank: President's Award: Design of Mexico Basic Health II Program. -

Kellog Fellowship: Harvard University: for outstanding academic achievements -

Fullbright Fellowship, Austrian Ministry of Science: for academic achievements -

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