Curriculum Vitae
Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Sieber

Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Sieber
Head of Department & Studies
+ 43 512 2070 - 4410

Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Sieber

Head of the Department & Studies for Medical, Health and Sports Technologies Empowering people in improving the lives of people worldwide through innovative medical technologies. 15 years of industry experience in the field of medical devices, with an extensive leadership and executive management track record. Building strong and long lasting relationships with team members, mentees, academic and commercial partners. Experienced public speaker in research, marketing and educational environments.

2022 - present
Head of Department & Studies - Lecturer and researcher with focus on clinical/medical topics in the Medical&Health Technologies department. - MCI | THE ENTREPRENEURIAL SCHOOL®

2017 - 2021
Head of Electrodes / Surgical Research & Development - Executive manager and passionate leader in Research&Development of implantable electrodes, drug delivery systems and advanced surgical tools including image-guided and robot-assisted technologies - MED-EL Medical Electronics

2012 - 2016
Scientific Director MED-EL Research Hannover - Establishing a translational research center and fruitful clinical and scientific collaborations with a leading hearing implants clinic, the Hannover Medical School department of Otorhinolaryngology. - MED-EL Research Center Hannover

2009 - 2012
Team Leader R&D Surgical Tools and Accessories - Building a team of highly motivated engineers for the development of surgical tools, instruments and accessories as well as sterile packaging systems for active implantable medical devices - MED-EL Medical Electronics

2008 - 2009
Project Leader Surgical Tools - Leadership of development projects for Surgical Tools, Instruments and Accessories in close collaboration with key customers - MED-EL Medical Electronics

2007 - 2008
Intern and degree dissertation - Part of Zimmer's global 'Virtual Biomechanic Knee' team Topic: "Finite-Elements modelling of ligament material properties in the human knee joint" - Zimmer Biomet Holdings

2022 - present
Consulting of venture capitalists, startup companies as well as major enterprises in medical technologies

2016 - 2018
Doctorate in human biology | Modeling of the human temporal bone for virtual reality surgical training - Hanover Medical School (Dr. rer. biol. hum.| Summa Cum Laude (with highest honors))

2001 - 2008
Diploma program Mechanical Engineering | Biomedical Engineering, Precision Engineering - University of Stuttgart (Dipl.-Ing.)

Medical Device Safety - MCI Master Medical Technologies

Implantable Medical Devices - MCI Master Medical Technologies

Minimally Invasive Procedures - MCI Bachelor Mechatronics

Medical Device analysis and development - MCI Bachelor Medical Health and Sports Technologies

Bachelor's Seminar - MCI Bachelor Mechatronics

Student's project 1 - conceptualization phase - MCI Master Medical Technologies

Guest professor for technology in minimally invasive therapies and digital twins in healthcare - Shenzhen Technology University, China

Student's Project 2 - Design- and Implementation Phase - MCI Master Medical Technologies

Product Development, Testing and Approval - MCI Master Medical Technologies

MCI | The Entrepreneurial School
Teaching Award of the MCI academic council 2023 for excellent accomplishments in education

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  • Siggelkow E, Bandi M, Kersh M, Ploeg HL, Sieber D. Force Controlled FE-Model for Determination of Knee Prostheses Envelope of Motion Based on Soft Tissue Reaction Forces and Moments. CMBBE Proceedings (2008)
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    Sieber D. (2022, September). Virtual Reality Surgical Simulation in training of physicians and engineers. Ppaer presented at the 2022 Joint Annual Conference of the Austrian (ÖGBMT),German (VDE DGBMT) and Swiss (SSBE) Societies for Biomedical Engineering, Innsbruck, Austria

    Sieber, D. (2022, March). Digitalization in life: a multidisciplinary approach. Expert Panelist at the Ulysseus Digital Innovation Hub Webinar. Technical University of Košice, Online.

    Sieber, D.M. (2021, February). Bringing Novel Implants to the Clinic: Challenges to Consider. Invited Presentation at the 44th Annual MidWinter Meeting of the American Association for Research in Otolaryngology, Online.

    Sieber, D.M. (2020, February). Hearing and Structure Preservation in Cochlear Implants & Round Table Intraoperative Electrocochleography, Different Electrode Shapes and Electrode Insertion Angle Hearing Influence. Invited Presentation at the International Congress on Hearing, Balance, Cochlear Implants and Implantable Auditory Prostheses, Sao Paulo.

    Sieber, D.M. (2019, April). Electrode Design and Surgical Approach - Impact on Performance in Cochlear Implant Users. Invited Presentation at the 2nd International Conference of Cochlear Implants in Iraq, Bagdad.

    Sieber, D.M. (2018, April). Individualized Cochlear Implanatation - Unleashing the full potential of the inner ear. Faculty member and invited presentation at the1st Arab Cochlear Implant Conference, Dubai.

    Sieber, D.M. (2018, February). Virtual Reality in a Cochlear Implant Training Program. Invited Presentation at the 9th Instructional Workshop & Concensus on Auditory Implants of the European Academy of Otology and Neurotology, Copenhagen.

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Advisory Board Member for the life sciences cluster Tyrol

Meligy Omar (2023): Klinisch-technische Marktstudie für ein neuartiges digitales Operationsmikrokop im HNO-Bereich

Neururer Lukas (2023): Erstellung eines digitalen Zwillings der humanen Anatomie in einer virtuellen Realität

Pape Lena (2023): Klinisch-technische Marktstudie an einem neuartigen digitalen Operationsmikroskop in dem Fachgebiet der Neurochirurgie

Franz Fabian (2023): Entwicklung einer Steuerungs-Software für einen Operationssimulator in der Mikrochirurgie

Vötterl Anna (2023): Entwicklung eines Messsystems zur Bewegungsanalyse der Schneide von ophthalmischen Vitrektoren, um das effektive Scheiden von Glaskörper sicherzustellen.

Freiherr von Stein-Liebenstein zu Barchfeld Ruben (2022): Technisches Konzept und Prototyp eines nicht planaren 3D Druckverfahrens für Gele

Drexler Martin (2023): Photogrammetric 3D Reconstruction and Modelling of Surgical Fields with the RoboticScope

Steu Lukas (2023): Ergonomic evaluation of a novel robotic microscope in the field of neurosurgery

Messerschmidt Kai (2023): The transition from sample storage to a biobank - A risk assessment and gap analysis in preparation for the ISO 20387 certification.

Combs Justin (2023): Development of standardized fracture model for tibial plateau fractures with full soft tissue mantle

Lieber Julia (2023): A concept for an implantable bone conduction device with a piezo-based transducer

Kesselring Christian (2023): Decision Matrix for Maintenance Contracts for Medical Technology Planning