Curriculum Vitae
Prof. Dr. Gabriela Leiß, MBA

Prof. Dr. Gabriela Leiß, MBA
Professor and Study Coordinator Human Resources, Organizational Development & Change
Project Assistant
+ 43 512 2070 - 3136


Prof. Dr. Gabriela Leiß, MBA

Gabriela Leiß studied andragogy and training management at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. After two years as deputy head of an adult education center, she took over responsibility for the HR development department of a multinational production company for 11 years. During that time, she passed a part-time MBA study program at the University of Augsburg. Since 2009, she has been working as a senior lecturer at the study department business and management of the MCI as well as a freelance management consultant and coach. In 2013, she finalized her dissertation on family firm succession (magna cum laude) at the University of Augsburg. In 2015, she became the coordinator of all courses in the field of HR management and change management at her study department. In addition, she engages in the development of the MCI family business center. Gabriela Leiß is married and mother of two daughters (*2000, *2002).

2015 - present
Study coordinator for HR management, organizational development and change - Coordination of all courses in the field of HR management, organizational development & change management - Management Center Innsbruck

2015 - present
Project team member - Research and practice projects, events, teaching, know-how-transfer, contact person for bachelor and master theses - MCI Family Business Center

2009 - present
Senior lecturer, study department business and management - Teaching in the field of HR management and change management; research in the field of family firms. - Management Center Innsbruck

2008 - 2009
Head of the Executive Education - Planning, marketing, quality assurance and development of post-graduate master programs, management courses and seminars as well as custom-made inhouse-trainings in close cooperation with the managing director and the respective scientific advisory board members - Management Center Innsbruck

1997 - 2008
Manager international HR development - Strategic repositioning of the HR development from a training provider to a change consultant; internal change consulting; design and realization of change processes; planning, support and evaluation of target-specific trainings and coachings; budget management and controlling of all HR development activities; management of the HR development team; selection of training institutes, external consultants, external and internal trainers; supervision of interns and degree students part of the editorial team of the staff magazine. - PLANSEE SE

1995 - 1997
Deputy head - pedagogic planning and organization; HR planning and management; lecturing (courses and seminars); advertising and public relations work; committee work. - Adult education center Ottobrunn (Germany)

1989 - 1993
Assistant (holiday work) - Assistant and secretary tasks; translations - PPE temporary employment agency, Munich

1986 - 1987
Assistant - Preparing documents and presentations - Bayerische Hypotheken- und Wechselbank AG, Munich

2011 - present
Freelance work as management consultant and coach

2009 - 2010
SVWP Kommunikationsmanagement GmbH

2017 - 2019
Conflict Coaching and Mediation - fair! Kompetenzzentrum Innsbruck (Conflict Coach and Mediator)

Stress Prevention and Burnout Management - MILD Akademie Munich (Advisor )

2015 - 2016
Systemic Family Therapy for Coaches - IFW - Institut für Fort- und Weiterbildung München

2013 - 2014
WE CHANGE Integral Leadership Training - GCC - Global Consciousness Consulting

Qualitative research - SoWi Innsbruck, FU Berlin, Universität Münster

2009 - 2013
Dissertation (Family Firm Succession) - University of Augsburg (Dr. phil.)

2006 - 2008
MBA study program, focus: Systemic organizational development and counselling - University of Augsburg (MBA)

1998 - 2000
Systemic therapy and consulting - Institute for Systemic Therapiy and Organization Consulting, Munich

1998 - 2001
Corporate management training - PLANSEE SE

1996 - 1998
Client-Centered Psychotherapy - Society for Scientific Client-Centered Psychotherapy e.V.

1991 - 1996
Adragogy and Training Management - University of Applied Sciences, Social Affairs (Dipl. Soz. Päd. (FH))

1987 - 1990
Main language: English, focus: Technical Engineering; second language: French - Language institute of the capital of Munich (State-certified translator and interpreter for technical English)

13/14 January 2015: Annual performance reviews and management by objectives - MCI Executive Education / Chamber of Agriculture

13 February 2015: Congress for Family Firms: Workshop with successors: "Succession as a stroke of luck?". - University of Witten-Herdecke

6 November 2015: Lecture in the series "The ideal family firm succession": How entrepreneurial families negotiate succession. - Chamber of Commerce Tyrol

18/19 December 2015: Module "Leadership and Personnel Development" Certificate Course "General Management" - MCI Executive Education

16/17 December 2016: Module "Leadership and Personnel Management" Certificate Course "General Management" - MCI Executive Education

17 February 2017: Certificate Course "Family Business" - Module "The Family" - MCI Executive Education

19 April 2017_ 11th Research Forum of the Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences - Chair Panel Family Business Management - FH Krems

18 May 2017: Speech at the Master Graduation Ceremony 2017 "Successful Transfer and Succession of an Agricultural Family Firm" - Tyrolean Chamber of Agriculture

14. Mai 2018: Keynote anlässlich des Tags der Familienunternehmen - MCI Zentrum Familienunternehmen

01 April 2019: Practitioner Forum "Carpenter 2025" - Future scenarios for the joiner and carpenter trade and exchange amongst practitioners - MCI Zentrum Familienunternehmen / Research Lab "SME.innovation.networks"

Provincial capital Innsbruck
Science Award for Research and Innovation at the MCI

Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth
KNEWLEDGE National Award

Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth
KNEWLEDGE National Award

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2017 - present
Know-How-Transfer for Family Firms in Succession - Know-How-Transfer for Family Firms in Succession - MCI Family Business Center

2017 - 2019
Innovativeness of family-owned and family-managed carpentry companies in the context of succession - Innovativeness of family-owned and family-managed carpentry companies in the context of succession - Tyrolean Science Fund

2009 - 2012
The social dimension in family firm succession of small and medium-sized companies in Tyrol - The social dimension in family firm succession of small and medium-sized companies in Tyrol - Tyrolean Science Fund

PIKON Deutschland AG, Chair of the Supervisory Board

Novak Ivan (2013): Implikationen für die Führung kroatischer Unternehmen durch österreichische Investoren vor dem Hintergrund nationalkultureller Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede

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Schwaiger Verena (2011): Mitarbeiterentsendung - Analyse der individuellen Erlebnisse und Erkenntnisse eines Expatriaten

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