Curriculum Vitae

Jana Marx, BSc, MSc

2021 - present
PhD student - Environmental-, Process- and Energyengineering - Management Center Innsbruck

Qualityanalysis - Quality analysis of industrial waste water samples and oil separator samples - EKOS

Research associate - Simulation of the energy- and costefficiency of a floating pump-storage hydro power plant - Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck

2017 - 2021
Research associate - Analytical research in the field of clinical pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics - Medical Univeristy Innsbruck

Intern - Optimisation of the filtration of a fermentation supernatant - Wacker Chemie AG

Intern Rio20+ - Sustainability project as an initiative of the BMWF - Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck

2018 - 2019
Environmental Engineering - IST-Instituto Superior Tecnico Lisbon (Semster abroad )

2017 - 2019
Environmental-, Process- and Energyengineering - Management Center Innsbruck (Master of Science in Engineering)

2016 - 2017
Healthcare Science - Manchester Metropolitan University (Semster Abroad )

2014 - 2017
Biotechnology - Management Center Innsbruck (Bachelor of Science in Engineering)

Schwimminstruktoren Ausbildung - Bundessport Akademie(Schwimminstruktorin )

Asian studies program - University of the Philippines(Summer school )

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  • Jana Marx and Anna Reich. Bäume binden böden besser. In Herbert Dürrstein, editor,Forschungfür nachhaltige Entwicklung: Wissenschaftler/innen und Jugendliche ziehen Bilanz ; eine Initiativedes BMWF anlässlich des Jubiläumsjahres Rio+20, pages 161-167. Studien-Verlag, 2012. ISBN:978-3-7065-5257-8

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  • Jana Marx. Quantification of the antifungal anidulafungin in human brain tissue.Intrinsic Activity,5(Suppl. 1):A2.5, 2017. doi: 10.25006/IA.5.S1-A2.5

    Jana Marx, Martin Hofer, Jan Back, Marc Koch, Martin Spruck. Removal of the Pharmaceuticals Diclofenac, Carbamazepine and Paracetamol from Wastewater through Multi-channel Capillary Membranes with Embedded Powdered Activated Carbon. Poster at Euromembrane 2021, Copenhagen, Denmark

    Marx et al. Caspofungin penetration into human tissue 31st ECCMID, the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, 9 - 12 July 2021, Session Title: Role of PK/PD in fungal infections: an update, Presentation Number: 3218