Curriculum Vitae
 Matthias Decker, MSc

Matthias Decker, MSc
Project Assistant
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Matthias Decker, MSc

Forschung und Entwicklungs Mitarbeiter - Entwicklung einer Validierungsstrategie für Vorgammergasventile von Großgasmotoren - GE Jenbacher

2014 - 2016
Mechatronik-Maschinenbau - Management Center Innsbruck (MSc)

2011 - 2014
Mechatronik-Maschinenbau - Management Center Innsbruck (BSc)

Robotik Labor, Conveyor Tracking, Machine Vision - Management Center Innsbruck

Finite Elemente, Ansys - Management Center Innsbruck

Regelungstechnik Labor - Management Center Innsbruck

Land Tirol
Tiroler Technologiescheck

  • Robot assisted rehabilitation devices are becoming popular for stroke rehabilitation, but they are mainly highlighted in training and recovery of motor function. This paper describes the development of a hand exoskeleton rehabilitation device which focuses not only on rehabilitation of motor function, but also sensory training and stimulation. The device was designed to enable stroke patients to train hand movements with less aid of a therapist, and allows objective assessment of hand function. The mechanical design allows to control the movement of five fingers individually. Force feedback is provided via a leverage mechanism, which is driven by DC motors. Additionally, tactile feedback is presented through vibration motors, attached to each fingertip. We present three different operating modes, active assisted, passive assisted and active non-assisted haptic interaction mode. The performance of the device shows that it is possible to provide feedback forces up to about 14 N for each finger, a maximum joint angle of 62°, 88° for MCP and PIP joint respectively and a settling time of 0.37 s in the passive assisted mode. Based on the characterization of the proposed device, it has a potential to be utilized in hand rehabilitation in terms of regaining both sensory and motor function.

2016 - 2018
Solardesing auf Knopfdruck. Entwicklung eines neuen Konzepts für Solarkollektoren. - Solardesing auf Knopfdruck. Entwicklung eines neuen Konzepts für Solarkollektoren. - Management Center Innsbruck

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