Curriculum Vitae

Phd. Philipp Wegerer

2018 - 2019
Research Associate (post-doc) - Research in the fields of Brand Management, Digitalization and Consumer Research Teaching Brand Management and Marketing - Institut of strategic Management, Marketing & Tourism, University of Innsbruck

2014 - 2018
Research Assistant - Dissertation "Brands as Mediators" Research and teaching in the fields of Brand Management und Consumer Research - Institut for strategic Management, Marketing & Tourism, University of Innsbruck

2013 - 2018
PhD Management - University of Innsbruck (pHd)

2010 - 2013
Organization Studies - University of Innsbruck (MS.)

2006 - 2010
Political Science - University of Innsbruck (BA)

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  • Schöps, J. , Wegerer, P., & Hemetsberger, A. (2017) Brand-Mediated Ideological Edgework: Negotiating the Aestheticized Human Body on Instagram - the Case of American Apparel. NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 45, 474-478.
  • Botschen, G. & Wegerer. P. K., (2017) Brand-driven retail format innovation: a conceptual framework. International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 45(7/8), 874-891.

  • Wegerer, P. (2017) Brands as Mediators: A Differentiated View on Brand-Mediation Processes. Innbruck. University of Innsbruck.

  • Wegerer, P.K., (2015) Bicycling in Urban Landscape: Exploring Discoursive, Cultural and Spatial Dynamics. In: Cities as Multiple Landscapes. Campus Verlag, Innsbruck.

  • Wegerer, P. et al. (2018) Brands as Mediators. NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volum 46, 352 - 356.
  • Wegerer, P. (2017) Corporate Branding As a Source For Employees' Moral Identity Work. NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 45, 489-492.

    Schöps, J. D., & Wegerer, P. K. (2017) Market-mediated ideological edge-work: The visual representation of gender by the fashion brand American Apparel. FAG Workshop. Vienna.

    Botschen, G., & Wegerer, P. K. (2016) Drivers of Brand Resonance (DBR): A Practical Tool for Governing Enduring Brand- Stakeholder Relationships. 11th Workshop on Organizational Change and Development, Vienna.

    Wegerer, P. (2015) The spatial transformation of cities: The case of Innsbruck. Velocity Conference. Nantes.

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  • Wegerer, P. K., Stöckl, V., & Gabl, S. (2015). Contesting Space. NA- Advances in Consumer Research, 43, 753 - 755.

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