Curriculum Vitae
Mag. Regina Obexer, Master of Education

Mag. Regina Obexer, Master of Education
Senior Lecturer
Head, Center for Responsible Management & Social Impact
+ 43 512 2070 - 1922

Mag. Regina Obexer, Master of Education

Regina Obexer is a university lecturer and Head of the Center for Responsible Management & Social Impact at MCI | The Entrepreneurial School. She coordinates activities and initiatives in the field of responsibility, sustainability and ethics at MCI and is head of the PRME Task Force. She is also a member of the steering group of the PRME Chapter DACH. She serves as vice chair of the MCI Research Ethics Committee. In collaboration with the Career Center, she is co-initiator and co-project leader of the MCI Badge Program and the MCI Mentoring Program. She has previously worked in the field of digital education in higher education for two decades and held various management and leadership positions at universities in Austria and Australia. Regina has led a number of projects including the evaluation and implementation of learning management systems, the design and delivery of programs in digital literacy development for higher education faculty, and the design of introductory programs for online students. She leads courses on digital literacy development and e-learning for students and faculty. Regina is MCI Project Lead for the Erasmus+ project "Digital Soft Skills @ UlyssEUs" which involves the development of a digital soft skills framework for students as well as a self-analysis tool, a MOOC and a series of online courses for students in the UlyssEUs network. Her research interests are at the intersection of digital education, change management, education for sustainable development, and responsible management education.

Head, Center for Responsible Management & Social Impact - Supporting the systematic integration of responsibility, sustainability, and ethics into degree programs | Further develop extra-curricular learning opportunities on these topics, including in collaboration with partner organizations | Promoting student engagement in these concerns through various initiatives | Coordination and further development of the MCI's community initiatives - MCI Management Center Innsbruck

PRME Coordinator - Coordination of Activities and Initiatives to further the integration of PRME Principles across MCI programs, processes, and practices. - MCI Management Center Innsbruck

2014 - present
Senior Lecturer, Learning Solutions - Teaching; Planning and Development of initiatives to implement digital and other innovative teaching and learning models; academic staff development and coaching for blended learning; Instructional Design Quality Assurance for Blended Learning Offerings; Environmental Scanning and research in the areas of online education. - MCI Management Center Innsbruck

2013 - 2014
Director, eLearning Services - Leadership of the eLearning Services Departments (45 staff); leading innovative University initiatives to enhance the quality and flexibility of online and blended study programs; Responsibe for the University's virtual learning environment (technology, development, User Support, training for faculty); Collaboration and strategic partnerships within the University and with external partners; Representation of the department and the division where necessary in leadership groups, committees, working parties, and other internal and external bodies. - Queensland University of Technology

2005 - 2012
Manager, Learning and Teaching Technologies - Lead the team "Governance & Quality" Responsible for the development of strategies and policies for blended and online learning and the University's virtual learning environment Departmental Quality Management, Process improvement, Information Management Project and Change Management - Queensland University of Technology

2004 - 2005
Acting Manager, Educational Products and Services - Responsible for the portfolio "Educational Products & Services" (Design, Development, Evaluation und Selection of multimedia Learning and teaching resources, Academic Staff development and Training für for e-Learning); Led 4 Teams (50 staff); Strategy development, Budget planning and adminstration, Quality assurance, Development and implementation of new work processes, reporting, marketing - Griffith University

2003 - 2004
Product / Service Manager, Educational Products & Services - Strategic planning for products/services in the area of online and blended learning Evaluation of learner and staff satisfaction and effectiveness of products and services Development of Marketing and Communications plans - Griffith University

2001 - 2003
Educational Designer - Curricular and pedagogical design of online courses; Project management in the development of multimedia learning and teaching resources for e-Learning and blended Learning; Academic staff development and training teaching staff in the area of e-Learning Accredited Trainer for Blackboard- Training for external clients in Australia and Singapore - Griffith University

2000 - 2001
University Coordinator for New Media in Learning and Teaching - Strategic planning of online learning and teaching for the University Budget planning Project proposals and bids implementation of a university learning management system Planning and development of academic staff development programs Represent the University in various regional, national and international fora - University of Innsbruck

1997 - 2000
Assistant Professor - Research and Teaching Department Coordination of the international student exchange program (Erasmus) Project Coordination Flexible Learning - University of Innsbruck, English Department

1996 - 1997
Project assistant "Dictionary of Philosophical Terms German - English / English - German" - Research, data entry, quality assurance, induction and training of new project staff - University of Innsbruck, English Department

2021 - 2024
PhD in E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning - Lancaster University (Ph.D.)

2001 - 2006
Master of Online Education - University of Southern Queensland (Australien) (M.Ed.)

1991 - 1996
English and American Literature and Language / German Literature and Language - Innsbruck University (M.A.)

The Virt2UE Train the Trainer Program - The Embassy of Good Science(Train the trainer program to conduct research integrity courses)

Carbon Literacy Training - Nottingham Business School(Train-the-Trainer Certificate)

Implementing PRME at your University - Copenhagen Business School, Dänemark(Certificate of completion)

Breakthrough Models Academy - Educause & Next Generation Learning Initiative(Graduate – Inaugural Breakthrough Models Academy)

ITIL Training and Certification - ITIL (ITIL Certification)

Workplace Training and Assessment - TAFE Queensland(Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment )

Proseminare und Seminare im Bereich der englischsprachigen Literaturwissenschaft (Focus Contemporary Australian Women's Literature) - Universität Innsbruck, Institut für Anglistik

Verschiedene Workshops zur Fortbildung der Lehrenden im Bereich eLearning. - Universität Innsbruck

Verschiedene Workshops und Seminare für Lehrende im Bereich eLearning; Tätigkeit als externe Trainerin für Blackboard - Griffith University

Management, Communication & IT: eLearning, Lerntechnologien, Bildungsökonomie, Kommunikation; - Management Center Innsbruck

Students (degree programmes): Orientation eLearning, Digital Competences & Self-Management Qualitative Research Methods Business English Students (Career Center) Various workshops in the area of digital skills and learning online Staff development: Workshops and other training opportunities for lecturers in the field of eLearning and blended learning; - MCI

MCI Management Center Innsbruck
MCI Teaching Award 2017

Educause Breakthrough Models Academy Contest Team Winner (3. Platz, Anaheim, USA)

Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia)
Vice Chancellor's Performance Award

University of Southern Queensland (Australien)
Dean's Commendation

Center for Canada Studies Innsbruck
Young researcher award 1999

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2021 - 2023
MCI Project Lead EU Project "Digital Soft Skills @ Ulysseus" -

MCI Coordinator "Scholars at Risk" (SAR) -

Coordination of student ideas competition and preparation "MCI Earth Day": Coordination of the call and process for an ideas competition for students to submit a concept idea for the "MCI Earth Day" that will take place in April 2021. -

Coordination of the "MCI Community Projects" initiative -

2019 - present
Project "Life Science | Interactive" - Project lead in the development of digital learning content for high school students who are interested in the field of biotechnology and food technology. - Project "Life Science | Interactive"

In cooperation with the Career Center, development and implementation of an MCI Mentoring Program including a mentoring toolkit, and piloting with a study program in 2020/2021 -

Workshop "Let‘s get digital: Virtual classrooms as a tool for internationalisation (at home)". Lecture delivered to the WILLIAM project team on the occasion of their consortium meeting and site visit to MCI in June 2019. -

Organisation and project management of the PRME video competition: "Student Voices on Responsible Management Education" -

Workshop "Opportunities of digitization for international offices" for the MCI International Staff Week 2017 -

MCI PRME Coordinator: Coordination of MCI's activities as signatory to the UN PRME initiative. -

2019 - present
Member of the Steering Group - PRME Chapter DACH

2013 - 2014
Member - representative of Queensland University of Technology - ACODE - Australasian Council of Open and Distance Education and eLearning

2000 - 2001
Member - representative of the University of Innsbruck - fnma - Forum Neue Medien Austria

Deputy Chair, MCI Ethics Committee

Büchele Thomas (2009): E-Learning und dessen Barrieren als zusätzliche alternative didaktische Lehr- und Lernmethode an Tiroler Grundschulen

Abfalterer Stefanie Anna (2009): Kids-Marketing für Buchhandlungen - Am Beispiel der Universitätsbuchhandlung Wagnersche

Carrer Maria (2009): Gegenüberstellung charakteristischer Gewohnheiten von Kindern beim Gebrauch von Internetsuchhilfen - Untersucht an Kindern zwischen acht und zwölf Jahren im Raum Osttirol

Hopfner Bernd (2009): Learning 2.0 im Unternehmenskontext

Mengel Sehzade (2023): Chancen und Herausforderungen des digitalen Lernens bei der Berufsausbildung von Arbeitssuchenden

Sillaber Roman (2020): Ethische Führung: Voraussetzungen für Moral Entrepreneurship in Non-Profit-Organisationen

Tinello Laura (2018): Retention Management aus Sicht der Generation Z Wie Unternehmen im War for Talent zukünftig erfolgreich sein können - am Beispiel einer explorativen Studie mit HAK Absolventen

Tinello Laura (2018): Retention Management aus Sicht der Generation Z

Toetsch-Karnutsch, BA Ingrid (2018): Die Digitalisierung der internen Kommunikation - Der Einsatz von digitalen Kommunikationsmedien in der internen Kommunikation im Bereich Supply Chain Management der Firma Daniel Swarovski KG.

Toetsch-Karnutsch, BA Ingrid (2018): Die Digitalisierung der internen Kommunikation - Der Einsatz von digitalen Kommunikationsmedien in der internen Kommunikation im Bereich Supply Chain Management der Firma Daniel Swarovski KG

Hoffmann Jan (2020): E-Learning in der Kommunalverwaltung