Curriculum Vitae
Mag. Susanne Kirchmair, MSc

Mag. Susanne Kirchmair, MSc
Library Services & Assistant
+ 43 512 2070 - 1122

Mag. Susanne Kirchmair, MSc

2011 - present
Library Services & Assistant - Library Services (administration, development, services, guided tours, workshops) & Teaching in the field of academic writing - MCI Management Center Innsbruck

2002 - 2011
Librarian - Library Services (acquisition, circulation, training) - University of Innsbruck - Library of the Faculties of Social and Economic Sciences

2007 - 2008
Master of Science in Library and Information Studies - University of Vienna (MSc)

2006 - 2007
University course in Library and Information Studies - University of Innsbruck (Academic Library and Information Expert)

2002 - present
Doctorate studies in Social and Economic Sciences - University of Innsbruck

1994 - 2001
International Business and Economic Sciences - University of Innsbruck & University of New Orleans, Aarhus School of Business, University of Groningen (Mag. rer. soc. oec.)

Guided tours, literature research for students and faculty, bibliographic management with EndNote and Citavi - University Library of Innsbruck

Presentation "Teaching Library: Courses in bibliographic and information management - do we have to offer that too?" - 30. Austrian Librarian Conference

Citing and Citavi - UNIT Academy

Guidelines for academic writing; Information management; Research coaching (including proper referencing, literature research, bibliographic management with Citavi) - MCI Management Center Innsbruck

Presentation "Library Services in higher education - Best Practice at MCI" - ODOK 2012 (Librarian Conference)

Bibliographic management with Citavi - University of Innsbruck - University course in Library and Information Studies

  • Kirchmair, S. & Pipp, E. (2015). Editorial: Schwerpunktthema "ODOK 2014". Mitteilungen der VÖB, 68(1), 6-9.
  • Kirchmair, S. (2009). Rezension - Pipp, Eveline (Hrsg.): Informationskonzepte für die Zukunft. ODOK '07 (Österreichischer Dokumentartag, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, 17.-21.9.2007; Graz: Neugebauer, 2008). Mitteilungen der VÖB, 62(2), 82-85.
  • Kirchmair, S. (2008). Rezension - Harald Weigel (Hrsg.): Wa(h)re Information. 29. Österreichischer Bibliothekartag, Bregenz, 19.-23.9.2006 (Schriften der Vereinigung Österreichischer Bibliothekarinnen und Bibliothekare 2; Graz: Neugebauer, 2007). Mitteilungen der VÖB, 61(4), 155-158.

    Kirchmair, S. (2012). Bibliotheksservices im Studium - Best Practice am MCI. ODOK 2012, September 12-14, Wels, Austria.

    Kirchmair, S. (2009, September). Teaching Library: Kurse in Literaturverwaltung und Wissensorganisation - müssen wir das auch noch anbieten? Vortrag am 30. Österreichischen Bibliothekartag, Graz.

  • Kirchmair, S. & Pipp, E. (2015). Schwerpunktthema: ODOK 2014. Mitteilungen der Vereinigung Österreichischer Bibliothekarinnen und Bibliothekare, 68(1). Wien: VÖB.

2011 - present
Member - Austrian Library Association - Committee for Libraries of Universities of Applied Sciences

2003 - present
Member - VÖB (Austrian Library Association)

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