Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Willemijn van Kooten

Dr. Willemijn van Kooten
Teaching & Research Assistant
Project Administration
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Dr. Willemijn van Kooten

2018 - 2022
Research Associate - University of Potsdam

2018 - 2023
Geology - University of Potsdam (Dr. rer. nat.)

2016 - 2018
Earth Science - University of Innsbruck (MSc)

2013 - 2016
Earth Science - University of Hamburg | University of Innsbruck (BSc)

Hochschuldidaktik I - FHK(Certificate)

ChatGPT in der Lehre - FHK(Certificate)

Junior Teaching Professionals Program - Potsdam Graduate School(Certificate)

  • van Kooten, W. S. M. T., Ortner, H., Willingshofer, E., Sokoutis, D., Gruber, A., & Sausgruber, T. (2024). Fold localization at pre-existing normal faults: Field observations and analogue modelling of the Achental structure, Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria. Solid Earth, 15(1), 91-120.
  • Oberascher, L., Ploder, C., Spiess, J., Bernsteiner, R., & Van Kooten, W. (2023). Data Storytelling to Communicate Big Data Internally - a Guide for Practical Usage. European Journal of Management Issues, 31(1), 27-40.
  • Van Kooten, W. S. M. T., Del Papa, C. E., Starck, D., Sobel, E. R., Cavalleri, P., Agüera, M., Van Schijndel, V., & Glodny, J. (2022). Evidence of Jurassic extension in NW Argentina: Characterization of fault-related strata at the Salta Group base using sandstone provenance and zircon U-Pb geochronology. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 104048.
  • Van Kooten, W. S. M. T., Sobel, E. R., Del Papa, C. E., Payrola, P., & Glodny, J. (2022). Constraining Andean propagation of exhumation at the limit of the Eastern Cordillera, NW Argentina, using low-temperature thermochronology in a structural context. Tectonics, 41, e2022TC007342.