Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Yeongmi Kim, PhD

2015 - present
Lecturer - MCI, Austria

2014 - 2015
Senior Researcher - University of Innsbruck, Austria

2013 - 2014
Research Associate - University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

2010 - 2013
Postdoctoral Researcher - ETH Zurich, Switzerland

2008 - 2009
Visiting Researcher - ETH Zurich, Switzerland


Best poster finalist at IEEE WorldHaptics 2017

  • Quang Ha-Van, Hannes Schwendinger, Yeongmi Kim, Matthias Harders, Design and Characterization of an Actuated Drill Mockup for Orthopedic Surgical Training, IEEE Transactions on Haptics, (Accepted)
  • Y. Kim, A. T. Moncada, J. Furrer, and R. Gassert, "Quantification of long cane usage characteristics with the constant contact technique", Applied Ergonomics, Vol. 55, pp. 216-225, July 2016.
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  • Y. Kim and M. Harders, "Haptically-Assisted Interfaces for Persons with Visual Impairments", in Haptic Interfaces for Accessibility, Health, and Enhanced Quality of Life, edited by T. McDaniel and S. Panchanathan, Springer Verlag, 2019 (in print).
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  • D. Raitt, P. Fairhurst, C. Michael, Z. Melkes, Y. Kim, and M. Harders,"OCTA Display - An Eight-Triangle-Surface, Pin-Actuated Fingertip Shape Display", IEEE WorldHaptics, 2019.
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  • Patent: EP2629737B1 White cane with integrated electronic travel aid using 3d tof sensor 2016-07-13 Publication of EP2629737B1 2019-11-13 Application status is Active
  • Hands on Demo: Quang Ha-Van, Hannes Schwendinger, Yeongmi Kim, Matthias Harders, "A hand-held actuated mockup for bone drill simulation", IEEE World Haptics, 2019.
  • Patent: KR101816172B1, The simulation system for training and the method thereof
  • Detection and evaluation of movements of a user. U.S. Patent Application 15/754,165.
  • Patent: Pub. No.:WO/2017/032765 International Application No.: PCT/EP2016/069870 Detecting and Evaluating Movements of a User. (DE: ERFASSEN UND AUSWERTEN VON BEWEGUNGEN EINES BENUTZERS)
  • Hands on Demo: Shape and texture rendering of an image on a touchscreen, IEEE WorldHaptics 2017.

Neubauer Vanessa (2019): Wearable Assistive Device for Hemispatial Neglect After Stroke

Gadner Thomas (2019): Augmented haptic navigation application for white cane users

Canins Thomas (2019): An augmented haptic navigation system for the visually impaired

Egger Peter (2019): Development of a smart self-sustaining optical and acoustical wildlife warning system

Spiss Paul (2019): Biofeedback system of the lower limb for a person with cerebral palsy

Rödlach Matthias (2019): Closed-loop control of a haptic display for an electronic travel aid and evaluation of haptic patterns

Panny Matthias (2019): Development of a rehabilitation system for restoration of sensory motor function in stroke patients's wrist and hand

Nagiller Marco (2019): Design and development of a portable handheld sensory motor training device for rehabilitation after a stroke and other injuries and diseases of the central nerve system

Reimair Lukas (2019): Design and development of a haptic force-feedback glove for immersive interaction in virtual reality

Schroll Katharina (2019): Design of an adaptive assistance mode of upper limb rehabilitation devices

Schwendinger Hannes (2019): Optimization of a medical drill simulation tool to provide realistic haptic feedback

Sulzenbacher Christoff (2019): The design and construction of a flexible endoscope for the Da Vinci Surgical System

Janocha Anina (2019): A fingertip-based haptic image rendering device for people with visual impairments

Pfluger Patrik (2018): Development Processes in the construction of a Formula Student Race Car

Behr Patrick (2018): Development of a wearable haptic device for immersive interaction in VR

Schmid Markus (2018): Adaptive power factor regulator for cogeneration units

Armitage Mareike (2018): The influence of vibration feedback in the sensory rehabilitation process of stroke patients

Armitage Mareike (2018): Handling of technical rehabilitation device, with a view to adaption, to optimise the improvement of neurological patients

Kuprian Karl (2018): Development of a portable, robotic training system to supplement the rehabilitation of hand impairments

Klotz Matthias (2017): Design and implementation of a wearable haptic interface for a VR system

Kleiner Robert (2016): Design and development of pneumatically driven soft acutators

Wesenjak Raphael (2016): Automatic Telemonitoring of ice conditions in lakes/rivers

Wolf Lukas (2016): Development of a Novel Haptic Interface for ETAs

Platzer Daniela (2016): Development of a sensory training interface for stroke rehabilitation

Kofink Daniel (2016): Assessment device for people with motor deficit

Bittler Manuel (2019): Gait Analysis System with Inertial Measurement Units to Determine the Rehabilitation Progress of Stroke Patients

Mannion John (2019): Manipulation of an Omnidirectional Camera in Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery and Training

Mejias Sanz Victor (2018): Augmented haptic rehabilitation system for recovering upper limb motor and sensory function

Fügenschuh Tobias (2017): Affordable Active Knee Orthosis for Everyday Use

Wielend Sebastian (2017): An upper limb haptic motion training system

Terzer Michael (2017): Development of a sensor Cluster for Precision Agriculture in Apple Orchards and Vineyards

Enneking Florian (2017): Development and evaluation of SurfTics, a haptic 3DoF shape display with tactile texture feedback

Decker Matthias (2016): Robot-assisted exoskeletton device for sensory motor training after strokes

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