Interdisciplinary Electives

Flexibility, interdisciplinarity and individuality are important to you? With our interdisciplinary electives we create the right offer for you.

Bachelor students in their 3rd or 5th semester choose an interdisciplinary elective worth 5 ECTS from a wide range of options. This is done alongside students from other programs, creating an interdisciplinary teaching and learning experience.

The electives make it possible to incorporate current and fascinating topics into your studies. They are based on innovative teaching formats, promote networked thinking, and enhance the exchange with fellow students from all bachelor programs.

Our interdisciplinary electives provide you with the opportunity to tailor your academic journey to your own interests and goals. Join us as we enter a world of learning, exploration, and growth!

  • Format: On-campus, online, or mixed
  • Workload: 5 ECTS
  • Semester: 3rd or 5th semester (bachelor’s program)
  • Language: English
  • Participants: Students from all disciplines

Choices and customization in your studies

Our students have choices not only within the curriculum but also beyond it. In addition to the interdisciplinary electives, we offer modules, specializations, international semesters internships, project activities and more for an individual customization of their studies.

I liked the fact that our group was very international. It was great to attend a course with students from other disciplines and broaden one’s own mind. The fact that one focuses exclusively on a single topic for two weeks allowed for a more in-depth exploration and complete concentration on the subject.

The opportunity to attend courses with students from other disciplines gave me the chance to explore diverse perspectives on a specific topic. Interacting with peers from different study programs not only enriched my knowledge but also fostered diverse and engaging discussions.

It was great that the electives gave us the opportunity to choose a course based entirely on our own interests. I was able to take a course that, while not directly related to the core area of my own field of study, personally interested me a lot."