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With its extensive range of seminars on current questions of management, leadership, communication and personal development, the MCI is again mentoring the motivated as they address their complex professional challenges. With seminars lasting between one and five days, integrated case studies, additional coaching sessions, and workshop-style teaching, MCI offers professional decision-makers at all levels of management efficient opportunities to acquire individually tailored competences and to reflect on their own work.

Sämtliche Seminare können auch firmenintern durchgeführt werden.

Seminar Anmeldung Allg


Datum Thema
24. – 28.04.2017 You are the Resource - Series of five individual seminars
24.04.2017 You are the Resource - Preceptiontraining
25.04.2017 You are the Resource - Presence & charisma
26.04.2017 You are the Resource - Self-confidence training
27.04.2017 You are the Resource - Active resource development
28.04.2017 You are the Resource - Private and professional leadership
25.-26.04.2017 Challenging Situations and Conflicts in Projects
04.05.2017 Be Quick, Not Done
09.-10.05.2017 Business Analytics
10.-11.05.2017 Mindful Leadership
15.-16.05.2017 Rhetoric Immersion Course
30.05.2017 Professionalization of Business
06.-07.06.2017 How to Effectively Shape Team Processes
06.-07.06.2017 Organizational Development
WS 2017/18* Speechless? Never again.
WS 2017/18* Voice & Leadership
WS 2017/18* Employee Management
WS 2017/18* Ethics in Communications
WS 2017/18* Idea Generation
WS 2017/18* Sales Control
WS 2017/18* Stakeholder Relations Management
WS 2017/18* Project Management: Methodical Expertise
WS 2017/18* Innovative Key Account Management
SS 2018* Social Media - Series of two individual seminars
SS 2018* Social Media - Analytics
SS 2018* Social Media - The Development of a Social Media Strategy
SS 2018* Strategy Logic & Operationalization
SS 2018* How to Lead without Struggle: Clarity, Courage Balance & Benevolence
SS 2018* Digital Marketing & Sales
SS 2018* Change Management in Practice
SS 2018* Mastering Complexity
SS 2018* Project Management: Social Competencen
SS 2018* Business Model Innovation
SS 2018* Talent Management
SS 2018* Social Selling in B2B/B2C
SS 2018* Marketing Performance Measurement
SS 2018* Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility

*findet voraussichtlich im Wintersemester (WS 2017/18) bzw. Sommersemester 2018 (SS 2018) wieder statt; die genauen Seminartermine sind ab September 2018 verfügbar


Für Unternehmen aus Profit und Nonprofit erstellt das MCI auch maßgeschneiderte Organisations- und Personalentwicklungskonzepte zur nachhaltigen Implementierung von organisationalen Veränderungsprozessen.
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