February 12th 2018

Digital Business MBA starting this Autumn

Master's degree program by MCI and IPA - Entrepreneurial School® and Investment Punk Academy Gerald Hörhan join forces - strong online focus - studying in Innsbruck, Vienna, Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin

Andreas Altmann with Gerald Hörhan
MCI Rector Andreas Altmann and Investment Punk Gerald Hörhan seal the partnership between the Entrepreneurial School© and Investment Punk Academy. © MCI

Exciting news at MCI: The Entrepreneurial School® will be offering two new Executive Master’s Programs as of fall 2018 in cooperation with Investment Punk Gerald Hörhan. The two part-time programs are targeted toward high achievers seeking leadership positions in the new economy. MCI will be accepting 60 students for these programs and has already received over 200 inquiries.

The "Digital Business MBA" and "Master of Science Digital Economy & Leadership" study programs are designed to give students the skills needed in the modern digital workplace and digital enterprise development: skills, which currently few people have. Therefore, the programs include modules on topics such as Online Marketing, Data Science, Machine Learning, Blockchain Technology, IT Security, Data Management and Data Protection, Venture Capital and Corporate Entrepreneurship.

The Digital Business MBA is an international program focusing on the development and management of digital business models. The MSc in Digital Economy & Leadership deals with leadership psychology, organizational psychology and the psychology of markets. It is a German-language, reflexive program that examines organizations from an inside perspective.

The innovative degree programs provide a high percentage of online/mobile learning and can be completed without having to stop working or reducing to part-time hours. Synchronous and asynchronous e-learning elements as well as compact attendance periods are combined in an innovative way (blended learning) and ensure maximum flexibility in terms of time and place. Most of the program can be done online. Based on the MCI blended learning concept, a combination of video courses, online teaching materials, and online live chats and discussions is available. In addition, there are face-to-face events for networking, lectures and group challenges, from Thursday to Saturday, two to three times per semester. These attendance periods are planned to be held in Innsbruck, Vienna, Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin.

MCI Rector Andreas Altmann explains: "Digitalization is not only changing the economy and people in a dramatic way, it is also changing the higher education landscape. In this context, MCI is playing a pioneering role together with Gerald Hörhan."

"Our mission is to provide as many people as possible with economic and digital knowledge so that they can succeed and live in financial freedom. Being able to offer academic degree programs to our clients has been a big goal for me, and we have been very committed to it. I am pleased that in MCI Management Center Innsbruck, we have selected an innovative institution of higher education as a partner with whom we can offer digital education on an academic level, " adds Gerald Hörhan, founder and CEO of the Investment Punk Academy.

Together they put it in a nutshell: "Everyone is talking about digitalization. We - the Investment Punk Academy and MCI - are already training people now."

Investment Punk Academy

The Investment Punk Academy, the leading German-language online financial training platform, is designed for people who want to evolve and make a difference. Online courses, seminars, lectures and a forum help people with their careers, whether it is building their own business or investing their money efficiently.

The digitalization offensive of the MCI

MCI launched an exemplary digitalization offensive a few years ago. As of autumn 2018, a total of eight (!) online study programs will be available, three of which will be aimed at further education. The proportion of online students will increase from the current 8% to 20% over the next three years.