January 12th 2018

MCI and Hypo Tirol agree to continue cooperation

The successful long-term cooperation between Management Center Innsbruck and Hypo Tirol is to be continued in 2018.

The room was filled with guests
The cooperation between Hypo Tirol and MCI, including the MCI Alumni & Friends association, is to be continued also in 2018 . © MCI

The synergistic partnership between MCI Management Center Innsbruck and the Hypo Tirol bank was first established in 2005. The two parties have now agreed to continue their cooperation for another year. This is a strong statement bolstering the shared commitment to the development of the Tyrolean location for business. It includes, in particular, activities hosted by the MCI Alumni & Friends association. The Hypo Tirol bank furthermore supports the academic MCI Alumni & Friends lecture series, one of the most sensational and renowned series of lectures in the German-speaking academic world. Once a week, it unveils leading figures from across the globe here at the Entrepreneurial School®.
Since its foundation more than 100 years ago, the Hypo Tirol bank has been committed to contributing to the social and cultural advancement of Tyrol and its citizens. Hypo Tirol actively seeks to be in touch with the Tyrolean population and, therefore, also supports sustainable education and science initiatives. This is also where the interests of Hypo Tirol and MCI overlap. As Entrepreneurial School®, MCI makes a substantial contribution to the professionalization of business, administration, politics, and culture. In this connection, the MCI Alumni & Friends association is conceived of as a service and network platform for graduates, partners, and other affiliates.

Hypo Tirol Manager Johannes Haid expresses his delight with the partnership: “Hypo Tirol and Management Center Innsbruck have enjoyed an intense and meaningful partnership for many years. The cooperation thrives on the joint effort to foster the intellectual curiosity and inquiring mind of the Tyrolean people.”

Hypo Tirol Marketing Director Angelika Fröhlich adds: “The high-quality education and training of ambitious individuals also benefits the local economy. MCI graduates have a qualification of international standing.”

MCI Rector Andreas Altmann emphasizes: “We are happy to have gained the Hypo Tirol bank as a long-term partner in our activities. We have formed a strong connection based on our shared goal of advancing the Tyrolean business location.”

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