April 20th 2018

MCI as a leader in international exchange

250 partner institutions across the globe – high student mobility – 11 courses taught in English – 16 double and joint degree programs

Internationales Studium am MCI. Foto: Leitner/MCI
With a student mobility of 35 %, more than 1,000 MCI students each year spend a part of their studies abroad or come from a foreign institution to spend a semester or year at MCI. Photo credit: MCI

The Entrepreneurial School© is among the most international higher- education institutions in Europe. Students from 50 nations as well as professors and lecturers from 36 different countries, 250 partner institutions located all over the world, eleven courses taught in English, 16 double and joint degree programs and many other features testify to our impressive international network and orientation. What is equally remarkable is the high mobility of our students: on average, 35 percent of more than 3,000 students take part in various mobility programs at MCI. This means that each year more than a third of MCI students, i.e. more than 1,000, spend a part of their studies abroad or come from a foreign institution to spend a semester or year at MCI . This is record-breaking – especially considering the fact that the average duration of study at MCI is two and a half years, with a Bachelor’s degree requiring three and a Master’s degree two years of study respectively. Thus, the percentage of MCI students with international experience is quite exceptional indeed.

MCI students profit, in particular, from the opportunity to study at one of our renowned partner institutions, situated on all continents, which in itself, forms an integral part of our curriculum. Studying abroad not only enables an advanced understanding of study content, but also promotes the acquisition of intercultural competences and the establishment of international relations.

Susanne Lichtmannegger , head of the MCI International Relations Office, has supported international student activities for many years: “What students gain during their time at MCI is not just an excellent professional qualification, but also, and in particular, a strong network to accompany them throughout their lives. I am happy to see more and more students use our services.” Rector Andreas Altmann adds: “Our international orientation represents the backbone of the Entrepreneurial School®. We owe it to our students to prepare them as best we can for the opportunities and challenges they will encounter worldwide. Ultimately, this also benefits our local society and economy.”

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