April 12th 2018

Taste Digitalization – CAMPUS:digi:TOUR

Tyrolean higher education pool of competence is being made available to the business world with MCI hosting the kick-off, with further events to take place at Kufstein University of Applied Sciences, UMIT – The Health & Life Sciences University in Hall, and the University of Innsbruck

MCI Technik-Standort in Innsbruck, Maximilianstraße. Foto: MCI
70 business representatives and MCI researchers got together on the MCI technology campus to discuss new opportunities for cooperation. Photo credit: MCI

As part of the State of Tyrol digitalization initiative, the Federation of Tyrolean Industries organizes a campus tour. The aim is to introduce Tyrolean companies to the research and transfer competence of local institutions of higher education. Last night’s kick-off event was hosted by the Entrepreneurial School®. Under the motto “Exploring the Tyrolean higher education pool of competence”, Michael Kraxner, head of research, development and technology transfer at MCI, welcomed more than 70 participants from manufacturing companies, consulting agencies, service providers, and research institutions.

MCI scientists presented several areas of research in the field of digitalization that are currently being worked on at MCI. These include Automation, Robotics & Production Planning, the Role of the Human in Digitalization, Augmented & Mixed Reality, and Industrial & Automotive Electronics.

  • Automation, Robotics & Production Planning
    The targeted use of modern technologies and production simulations, the preparation and analysis of data, as well as the continual optimization of value creation processes, have led to a holistic approach to production and organization.

  • The Role of the Human in Digitalization
    By identifying and including all concerned departments, employees, and partners, we can adapt new technologies and processes to their personal requirements: the focus is on the human individual. Tailored internal and external training, as well as introductory programs, enable all parties involved to contribute to the process.

  • Augmented & Mixed Reality
    The expansion of our reality enables users to learn more quickly and to react to the ever-changing conditions of an industrial environment in an improved way. The development of individually adaptable hard- and software is essential for meaningful application.

  • Industrial & Automotive Electronics
    By accelerating the process from conception to development, production, and evaluation, the feasibility and benefit of complex and application-specific circuits can be shown and, in consequence, further steps can be planned.

After a brief introduction to the overall topic, MCI impressed its guests particularly with its tour through the laboratories, and by enabling intense discussions with their leading researchers, who were also available to answer any questions.

Isabella Doppler, head of innovation at the Federation of Tyrolean Industries: “The Federation of Tyrolean Industries sees itself as an innovator. Therefore, we are particularly delighted to present the CAMPUS:digi:TOUR as a platform for Tyrol’s production companies to network with higher education institutions. It is our goal to promote the innovative power of digitalization as an effective means to increase the competitiveness of Tyrol as a production site.”

Paul Schwaiger, project manager of the Tyrolean digitalization initiative: “Digitalization is more than a modern key word: it is both a great challenge to our society and economy and an equally great opportunity. Tyrolean institutions of higher education act as valuable partners in this process. We are delighted to be able to open doors to new opportunities for Tyrolean companies to cooperate with Tyrolean higher education institutions as part of the CAMPUS:digi:TOUR.”

Michael Kraxner, head of research, development and technology transfer at MCI: “As the Entrepreneurial School® we work at the interface of research and science. Our main responsibility is to enable knowledge transfer. In collaboration with our partners from the industry, we develop specific solutions to entrepreneurial problems. Currently, we are involved in 96 research projects.”

For further information please contact Barbara Fehr at barbara.fehr@mci.edu or 0512 2070 1822.

Further CAMPUS:digi:TOUR events are currently being planned at Kufstein University of Applied Sciences, UMIT – The Health & Life Sciences University in Hall, and the University of Innsbruck.

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