April 17th 2018

Management, Psychology & Leadership program

Start: May 11, 2018 – Remaining places available!

MCI-Lehrgang Management, Psychologie & Leadership. Foto: MCI
Photo: MCI

As a leader and decision maker, you depend on your ability to look at information from different perspectives. Therefore, the focus of this exceptional training program lies on fostering your understanding of the complexity of the decision-making process, making you aware of your own role in the process, and teaching you how to successfully influence the process for all parties involved.

The part-time course comprises 16 days of training in select business psychology topics. It encourages you to reflect on, and consequently optimize, your role as a leader. By linking economics to philosophy, sociology and psychology, the course inspires you to adopt different perspectives and to apply the resulting insights effectively to your own professional environment.

The program starts on May 11, 2018. Only a few remaining places are still available.

“I do not always agree with myself!

The curriculum is designed to address the question of how to communicate credibility, orientation, and the meaning of flexibility to ourselves and others in times of constant change.”

Dr. Reinhold Bartl, Milton Erickson Institute, Innsbruck

Mag. Susanne Crawford | Assistant & Project Manager Marketing & Communications
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