April 16th 2018

Long Night of Research at MCI

On April 13, 2018, the 8th Long Night of Research provided visitors of the Entrepreneurial School® with interesting insights.

15 abwechslungsreiche Stationen luden die kleinen und großen Besucher/innen der Langen Nacht der Forschung ein, Wissenschaft hautnahe zu erleben.
15 different stops invited all participants of the Long Night of Research – young and old alike – to experience science first-hand.

Altogether 15 stops were installed to grant enthusiastic visitors a glimpse into current MCI research projects. Questions such as “Will we soon be using Alexa and Siri to shop for clothes?”, “How do you program a robot?”, “How will BREXIT affect the EU?”, or “Why does wood ignite itself?” inspired the participants to experiment and discuss. Not only did they receive the opportunity to explore a colorful mix of microorganisms, but they were also invited to discover how beer is brewed and taste test home-brewed craft beer. Moreover, they learned how water can be purified with the help of membranes and the human ageing process simulated by a so-called age suit. While exploring the most current research findings and innovative technologies, science buffs could thus enjoy an entertaining evening.

Mag. Susanne Crawford | Assistant & Project Manager Marketing & Communications
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