May 14th 2018

MCI and Graz University of Technology: doctoral programs cooperation

Cooperation agreement concluded between Graz University of Technology and Management Center Innsbruck - promotion of research, teaching and innovation at both schools - setting the course for future synergies

Rektor Harald Kainz von der TU Graz freut sich über die Doktorats-Kooperation mit dem MCI. Foto: Lunghammer/TU Graz
The doctoral cooperation between TU Graz and MCI is intended to promote the expansion of joint research work. In photo: Univ.-Prof. Harald Kainz, Rector of the TU Graz. Photo: Lunghammer / TU Graz

The Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) and Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) have good news to report. A recently concluded cooperation agreement between the two institutions enables the pooling of scientific competences, intensified cooperation in research & development, initiation of more joint projects in the future, the establishment of joint research groups, and cooperation with regard to the supervision of doctoral students.

Young researchers from the technical and scientific departments at MCI will benefit particularly from this cooperation. Starting autumn 2018, they may apply for admission to the doctoral program, at one of the Doctoral Schools that are held at the Graz University of Technology. Doctoral students will be supervised jointly by both universities. Thus, most of the research activities aimed at their doctoral theses can be embedded in the research performed at MCI. The Graz University of Technology, on the other hand, will benefit from the high competence and dynamism of MCI in industrial and business-related research projects. In addition to the evaluation by the Graz University of Technology and MCI, an external, preferably international, review will be obtained for each thesis.

Through networking and close cooperation, the respective strengths and fields of competence of the Graz University of Technology and of MCI are synergetically combined. Business, technology, and education in both Tyrol and Styria, and the companies based here, also stand to benefit from this cooperation.

Professor Bernhard Tilg, Science Minister of Tyrol, welcomes the cooperation: "MCI has developed into an indispensable academic institution of research and teaching that creates enormous added value for education, science, and ultimately also business in Tyrol. I am pleased that synergies can be created beyond state borders, with one of the best technical universities in the German-speaking world".

For MCI Rector Andreas Altmann, the cooperation is a logical consequence of the work so far: "In recent years we have invested considerable resources in the expansion of our technical and scientific departments, which are of great relevance to science and business. The doctoral cooperation with the Graz University of Technology creates further opportunities for our committed young researchers and enables their academic development regardless of location-related limitations ".

The Rector of Graz University of Technology, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Harald Kainz, has known the MCI since its foundation: "The MCI and the Graz University of Technology combine a distinctive entrepreneurial attitude. With this cooperation agreement and the expansion of our research cooperation in the field of technology and natural sciences, we are strengthening knowledge transfer along the East-West axis and additionally, our two business, technology and university locations. "



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