May 09th 2018

Raiffeisen awards MCI students

Raiffeisen Award supports MCI students in realizing a stay abroad and young executives in completing further training

MCI Rektor Andreas Altmann, Susanne Herzog, Preisträger Arno Sattler, Gabriele Zimmermann, Raiffeisen Kommunikation. Foto: Raiffeisen/Forcher
Raiffeisen Award 2018. From left to right: MCI Rector Andreas Altmann, Susanne E. Herzog, MCI Executive Education, Winner Arno Sattler, Gabriele Zimmermann, Raiffeisen Communication. Photo: Raiffeisen/Forcher

As a long-term partner and sponsor of MCI, the Raiffeisen bank (Raiffeisen-Landesbank Tirol AG) considers academic education a valuable social asset and important resource for personal, as well as corporate and regional, development. As part of the synergetic cooperation between the institutions, the winners of the annual Raiffeisen Award were recently announced at MCI. The ceremony was attended by Gabriele Zimmermann, head of Raiffeisen Communications, and MCI Rector Andreas Altmann.

Raiffeisen Award for Professionals

After a multi-stage selection process, Arno Sattler from South Tyrol was named the winner of this year’s Raiffeisen Award for Professionals. The jury was particularly impressed by his commitment, determination, and adaptability. The expert in politics and administrative sciences gained a large amount of knowledge in various fields of management through learning by doing and continuous training, while he is also fluent in several languages. The award now enables Arno Sattler to also complete the Certificate in Management, Psychology & Leadership program at MCI.

Raiffeisen Awards for Students

The Raiffeisen Student Awards provide financial support for MCI students planning a semester abroad. This year’s winners are Maximilian Nißlein and Melanie Prieler, both distinguished by their exceptional academic achievements and ambitious goals regarding their future career.

  • Maximilian Nißlein, student of the Master’s Degree course in Biotechnology, plans to spend his international semester at Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Mexico. He chose the institute for its high quality of publications and established tradition of biotechnological research. Nißlein also wants to seize the opportunity to improve his knowledge of the Spanish language by immersing himself in the local community. He intends to use his biotechnological background for an entrepreneurial career.
  • Melanie Prieler, student of the Bachelor’s Degree program in Social Work, intends to go to Ethiopia to spend a semester at Addis Ababa University. Her choice was motivated by the desire to see social work from a new perspective, interact with the local population, exchange views on her chosen field of occupation and future prospects, and obtain new impulses for her professional understanding, as well as a critical and reflected human rights profession. Prieler has concrete plans to become involved in refugee work.

The Raiffeisen county bank and the Entrepreneurial School® congratulate the award winners and wish them every success in the realization of their study and career goals.

Mag. Susanne Crawford | Assistant & Project Manager Marketing & Communications
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