May 30th 2018

MCI goes Cemit

The Entrepreneurial School® invests in international network to strengthen research and innovation, planning to realize new synergies between academia and industry and jointly promote science and technology in Tyrol

v.l.n.r.: Mag. Oliver Lux (Tyrol Equity), Dr. Stefan Hamm (Tyrol Equity), Mag. Michael Walder (Bionorica), Dr. Franz Pegger (Kanzlei Greiter Pegger Kofler & Partner), Richard Schneider (LHC), MSc. Bernhard Hofer (Cemit), Mag. Wilfried Stauder, MSc. Philipp Unterholzner (UMIT), Dr. Barbara Frick (Cemit), Rektorin Sabine Schindler (UMIT), Prof. Dr. Günther Gastl, Rektor Andreas Altmann (MCI)
From left to right: Oliver Lux (Tyrol Equity), Dr. Stefan Hamm (Tyrol Equity), Michael Walder (Bionorica), Dr. Franz Pegger (Greiter Pegger Kofler & Partner), Richard Schneider (LHC), Bernhard Hofer, MSc. (Cemit), Wilfried Stauder, Vice-Rector Philipp Unterholzner, MSc. (UMIT), Dr. Barbara Frick (Cemit), Rector Sabine Schindler (UMIT), Prof. Günther Gastl, and Rector Andreas Altmann (MCI). © Cemit

For more than ten years, the Center of Excellence in Medicine and IT (Cemit) has been supporting companies and research institutions in Tyrol in the development and implementation of international research projects. In the course of the successful implementation of complex projects, the platform has been able to develop a high level of competence in project development, the development and evaluation of business models, the conception and submission of funding applications as well as the management of respective projects.

In addition to UMIT – the health & life sciences university, Cemit is now bringing several new partners on board: the Swiss Leading Health Centers GmbH, MCI Management Center Innsbruck, Tyrol Equity, the Bionorica Beteiligungs-GmbH, as well as Wilfried Stauder and Professor Günther Gastl have all agreed to join the growing innovation network.

MCI Rector Andreas Altmann: “We expect the investment of ten percent in Cemit to generate synergies between the Entrepreneurial School® and the institutions now involved. The network is expected to benefit not only our own institution, but also all other institutions involved and certainly also the joint location for science and business.”