June 07th 2018

Holo-Light wins German Innovation Award 2018

Another prestigious accolade for the Holo-Stylus. Joint project from Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) and Holo-Light gains international recognition.

Philipp Landgraf, Holo-Light, und Michael Kraxner, MCI, nehmen den German Innovation Award 2018 in Empfang. Foto: MCI
Holo-Stylus wins German Innovation Award, one of the most important benchmarks in Europe. From left to right: Holo-Stylus Lead Developer Philipp Landgraf, Michael Kraxner, Head Research, Development & Technology Transfer. Photo credit: MCI

Berlin, 6. Juni 2018 - Things are really happening now: It hadn’t even been a week since the start-up Holo-Light had the pleasure of receiving the renowned Auggie Award in Santa Clara in Silicon Valley, when yesterday evening, the young company received an award which is recognized as one of the most important benchmarks in Europe: the German Innovation Award. This award honors effective solutions which emerge from innovative details and wholly new solutions and have wide-ranging applications. The Holo-Stylus, a new kind of digital input device which enables intuitive development and handling of virtual content and demonstrates precision to the submillimeter level, made a major impact on the formidable jury. Holo-Light impressed on the whole with its strength of innovation and long-term sustainability.

Holo-Light was overwhelmed by the honor. “We are excited that the Holo-Stylus is finding such resonance and that the jury shares our vision to simplify and standardize interaction with digital content with the Holo-Stylus. And all of that with the highest possible degree of precision,” said Philipp Landgraf, Holo-Light’s head developer for the Holo-Stylus.

MCI also expressed its pride at being a development partner. Gerald Streng, who is responsible for developing the Holo-Stylus hardware at the MCI, explains: "Apart from the technical features, we chose the pen shape when designing the Holo-Stylus. Our working hypothesis was: the simpler and more familiar the look and shape, the greater the acceptance. It's great that our development is so popular! "
Michael Kraxner, Head of Research, Development, and Technology Transfer, emphasized, “As the Entrepreneurial School®, MCI found a kindred spirit in Holo-Light. The joint development work is simply a pleasure. Our entire team is thrilled about the success of the Holo-Stylus.”

High praise came from official channels as well. Günter Platter, Provincial Governor of Tyrol, celebrated along with the winners: “Both the start-up Holo-Light and MCI are important drivers of the Tyrolean technology offensive. The collaboration between the two partners is exemplary. The expertise of a university and a highly innovative local company combine in a near model fashion. The German Innovation Award enjoys great regard worldwide, far beyond just circles of experts. I offer my congratulations on this distinction, which is a benefit to the entire economic region.”

Impressive Development

The AR/MR start-up Holo-Light announced the official launch of the input device for head-mounted displays, jointly developed with the Entrepreneurial School® MCI (Management Center Innsbruck), only in April 2018.

In the run-up to this, the Holo-Stylus was nominated for the Tyrolean Innovation Award, a significant recognition of the young tech company’s efforts.

This series of successes appears to be making a real impact: Recently, the young start-up was able to celebrate investments from MCI as well as from the innogy Innovation Hub, an accelerator and the investment arm of the leading German energy firm, innogy.
On top of all of this, the prestigious Auggie Award in the category Best Input & Output Hardware, which is awarded during the course of the world-renowned AR/VR conference AWE (Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara in Silicon Valley), was awarded to the Holo-Stylus. Subsequently, the highly regarded German Innovation Award also went to the “Mouse of the Future”, as the input device is fondly called by some.

Holo-Stylus, the Mouse of the Future

The Holo-Stylus is an input device which is designed to simplify the creation and manipulation of digital content. This handy tool, which takes the form of a pen, accomplishes this through its compatibility with all types of head-mounted displays and its groundbreaking precision to the submillimeter level. Whether training precise hand movements through Augmented Reality in the medical field, detailed design ahead of product development, or day-to-day intuitive interactions with holographic content: the possibilities are endless.

More about Holo-Light
Holo-Light is a young tech start-up and pioneer of the MR/AR revolution, offering software and hardware solutions and creating uniform standards for Industry 4.0. During its first year of operation, the rapidly growing company has garnered a great deal of industry attention due to its multitude of practical and professional applications used for quality control, demonstration, maintenance, training purposes, and more.

More about MCI
As the Entrepreneurial School®, MCI positions itself at the intersection of science and business and connects the best of both worlds. Expertise in scientifically-based solutions and continued innovation, as well as an international perspective, proximity to business, quality of service, and practical relevance contribute to the pillars of its strategy and are reflected through research, teaching, continued education, knowledge transfer, and start-ups.

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