July 24th 2018

MCI Success: OeNB Jubilee Fund promotes highly relevant financial market project

MCI Financial Market Economist Thomas Stöckl conducts a three-year research project on insider trading

Der Jubiläumsfonds der OeNB unterstützt ein dreijähriges Forschungsvorhaben unter der Leitung von Thomas Stöckl. Foto: MCI
OeNB Jubilee Fund promotes highly relevant financial market project under the direction of Thomas Stöckl. Photo: MCI

Good news from the MCI: The Jubilee Fund of the Austrian National Bank (OeNB) has recently announced that for the first time an MCI project will receive substantial funding as part of the economics focus on "Financial Market and Financial Stability". Under the direction of MCI Professor PD. Dr. Thomas Stöckl a three-phase project, will conduct experimental studies on the effects of insider trading legislation on markets and traders. The aim is to provide information and recommendations for market participants, legislators and supervisory bodies in order to find an optimal regulation of financial market mechanisms in connection with insider trading.

The project starts in the winter semester 2018/19 and will run for three years; the funding will amount to 147,000 euros. The support of the Austrian National Bank underlines the importance of economic research at the MCI, which is expressed here in the form of a practice-oriented project of experimental financial market research.

Highly relevant research project

The research project, which focuses on the problem of insider trading, fits perfectly into the funding priority of the OeNB Jubilee Fund. In the form of laboratory experiments, various aspects of insider trading will be examined in three consecutive studies. In contrast to empirical studies, the format enables the creation of a neutral starting position and the simulation of markets in which differently informed traders operate. Both the markets themselves and the behavior of traders and the impact of their behavior on the markets can be observed in this way.

As a qualified economist Thomas Stöckl concentrates on experimental financial market research and can refer to numerous relevant publications. Since July 2018, he has headed the English-language Bachelor's program in Business & Management at the MCI.

OeNB Jubilee Fund

The Jubilee Fund of the Austrian National Bank funds scientific work of high quality from the disciplines of economics, medical sciences with clinical relevance, and projects in the social sciences and humanities. Assessments and awards are based on a two-stage single-blind process with profound expert opinions providing the central decision-making basis.

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