October 05th 2018

MCI professorship to Stephan Schlögl

The Entrepreneurial School® awards professorship to FH-Prof. Dr. Stephan Schlögl

Stephan Schloegl and the chairman of the university college Franz Pegger. Photo: MCI
Stephan Schloegl and the chairman of the university college Franz Pegger. Photo: MCI

In recognition of his accomplishments in research and teaching, the exemplary implementation of research achievements into practice and his associated contributions to the further development of MCI and the higher education sector, MCI recently awarded FH-Prof. Dr. Stephan Schlögl this professorship.

Stephan Schlögl began his academic career at MCI with the then newly unveiled degree program in Management & IT. He then moved to University College in London and went on to complete his dissertation in Computer Science in 2012 at Trinity College, Dublin. After four years as a PhD researcher at Trinity College, he completed a postdoctoral research stay at Télécom ParisTech, one of France's leading technical universities. In 2013, Stephan Schlögl returned to MCI as a lecturer. In addition to his full-time commitment to research and teaching in MCI’s Management, Communication & IT department, he is a regular guest lecturer at renowned European universities.

In his dissertation, Stephan Schlögl dealt with interaction design in connection with human language. Since then, this topic has been a recurrent theme in his scientific work, as evidenced, not least, by numerous publications. He himself describes the intention of his research work with "bridging computer sciences & social sciences", i.e. the linking of IT and social sciences. In his inaugural, exciting lecture "Alexa, Siri, Cortana et al. - Interaction with (Un) Social Machines", Schlögl transported his listeners into the complex world of communication between human and machine.

In the presence of companions, colleagues, students, friends and family, MCI Rector Andreas Altmann presented the certificate of appointment, together with the chairman of the university college Univ.-Prof. FH-Prof. Dr. Franz Pegger and Department Head FH-Prof. Dr. Peter Mirski.