October 23rd 2018

Good News for MCI Spin-off IonOXess

IonOXess development "PlaMaGrowth" receives award for concept with future potential - natural alternative for fertilizers and chemical pesticides

Ionoxess' PlaMaGrowth process was awarded the Innovation Prize of the Chamber of Commerce.
Ionoxess' PlaMaGrowth process was awarded the Innovation Prize of the Chamber of Commerce.

A groundbreaking development of the MCI spin-off IonOXess has been recently awarded the Tyrolean Innovation Prize. The PlaMaGrowth concept, an industry-optimized method for treating seeds and plants with plasma-activated water, was shortlisted for its outstanding innovation potential and ultimately ranked in the top three in the “Concepts of Innovation Potential” category. The evaluation was based on a proven catalog of criteria, such as degree of novelty, market potential, and customer benefit. The prize was awarded by the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce and was awarded during a ceremony at MedEL.

The high-tech company IonOXess emerged in 2012 from a research project at MCI, and today deals with innovative water treatment processes based on plasma technology. As a university-oriented company, it stands for the close integration of science, research and business. In the PlaMAGrowth process developed by IonOXess, plasma-activated water promotes the germination of seeds and can accelerate plant growth by up to 60 % without the addition of non-organic fertilisers, as well as preventing undesired fungal growth and bacterial growth on seeds and plants. It also improves resistance to drought and high humidity.

It has been known for some time that plasma-activated water can promote the growth of plants, but it has so far only been possible to produce small quantities. The IonOXess process is based on state-of-the-art industry-optimized process technology and could in future become a real alternative for fertilizers and chemical pesticides. By means of a strong electric field and a specially developed catalyst, a cold plasma consisting of ions, UV radiation and sterilizing molecules is produced, which can be introduced into irrigation water.

Thomas Obholzer, Managing Director of IonOXess, is delighted with the award: "Our process takes up well-known mechanisms of action and integrates them into state-of-the-art process technology, so that the development will be available to as many users as possible in the future."

Andreas Altmann, MCI-Rector, emphasizes; "As the Entrepreneurial School® we support innovative ideas and solution-oriented concepts from employees and students. Last but not least, we see it as our mission to strengthen our location economically and to contribute to improving the quality of life. "

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