November 12th 2018

The Entrepreneurial School® continues on its course of, innovation, growth and success

Press release for the MCI press conference to mark the beginning of the academic year 2018/19 - Monday, 12 November 2018, 14:00

Wissenschaftslandesrat Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bernhard Tilg and MCI-Rector Andreas Altmann present relevant facts about the beginning of the academic year 2018/19 at MCI. Foto: MCI
Wissenschaftslandesrat Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bernhard Tilg and MCI-Rector Andreas Altmann present relevant facts about the beginning of the academic year 2018/19 at MCI. Foto: MCI

The Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) presents an impressive record at the beginning of the academic year 2018/19. Below, you will find selected information on the current status as well as ongoing developments.


Study Programs

In fall 2018, several new courses were established at MCI:


  • Digital Business & Software Engineering (Bachelor of Arts; B.A.)

Further education:

  • Digital Business (Master of Business Administration; MBA)
  • Digital Economy & Leadership (MSc)
  • Digital Marketing & Analytics (MSc)

This increases the academic offering to a total of twenty-six consecutive Bachelor's and Master's degree programs (plus six further education programs), of which sixteen are in the fields of ​​business & society and ten in the fields of technology, life sciences and IT / Digitization.

Nine of the consecutive twenty-six study programs as well as all six further education programs can be completed part-time; in addition, study programs that are generally established in a full-time format can, in principle, be at least partly combined with an occupational activity ("job-friendly").

Ten of the study programs are conducted entirely in English.



With 2018, the number of students increased by 2.6% to around 3,260 students. The success or graduation rate is 84%, with graduation generally taking place during the standardized period of study. In addition, there are continually about 250-350 students in certificate courses and Master's programs in continuing education (excluding seminars, company trainings). 38% of all students are international, 20% national, and 42% from the state of Tyrol. The annual tuition fees for students from the EU / EEA area amount to €726 ,and  for students from EU / EEA third countries €10,000 for the Bachelor programs and €14,000 for the Master programs respectively.



For the start of studies in fall 2018, 1,200 students were newly enrolled in their Bachelor's or Master's degree programs (excluding continuing education). These were selected from 3,750 applications. This means that currently only one in 3.1 applications can be considered, while 2,550 applications must be rejected, although they would be generally qualified to study at MCI. 50% of all applications are international, 18% from the federal states of Austria and 32% from the state of Tyrol. Applicants from EU third countries will be charged a security deposit in relation to the verification of their application documents.



In the academic year 2017/18, 1,000 students will complete their MCI studies (excluding further education). This will increase the number of graduates to around 11,000 alumni. Currently, each graduate already has an average of 2.3 job offers at the time of graduation. The demand of the economy for MCI graduates cannot be fully met at present.


The MCI is currently spread over five main sites and several smaller secondary sites in Innsbruck. The total volume of rented space is around 16,500 m². Additional rentals are being made on an ongoing basis. The annual rental expenditure amounts to more than 2 million euros, with an upward trend. Against this backdrop, the "MCI Campus" new building project at the Innsbruck Fennerareal, which has recently been the subject of numerous media reports, has long been pursued with the aim of merging the locations and enabling further growth. The project is currently under evaluation and will be tested for feasibility. Special attention will be paid to possible measures to optimize the expected costs as well as the bus garage, car garage and sports areas to be constructed at the same time, taking into account the framework conditions under public procurement law.


Research & Development

In the early years, research was only able to play a limited role due to the time pressure of intensive development work. In the meantime, the MCI has developed into a strong research partner for the economy.  In the meantime, around 100 industry-related research projects are being conducted in the Technology & Life Sciences sector alone. These projects represent a financial third-party funding volume of around 3.5 million euros, some with project durations of several years and annual growth of currently around 15-20%. MCI's primary research focus is on the realization of solutions in cooperation with industry, as a largely additional complement to the primary research goal of gaining knowledge in classical university research.  Of particular interest to MCI's research activities, is the generation of expertise, which can be used both scientifically and economically in the form of new or optimized products, processes, business models and/or market solutions (contract research, patents, start-ups, etc.).



Apart from the wholly-owned subsidiary for further education and contract research (MCI Internationale Bildung & Wissenschaft GmbH), the MCI investment portfolio now comprises shares in six companies with an annual operating revenue of 6.1 million euros and a total portfolio of represented equity of 0.75 million euros (data in part from 2016).

Start-up Center Tirol GmbH ................. 10%

More than metrics GmbH ....................................... 3,50%

Syncraft Engineering GmbH ....................................... 10%

IonOXess GmbH ................................................ .......... 10%

CEMIT GmbH ................................................ ............... 10%

Hololight GmbH ................................................ ........ 3,57%

Two locations overseas will be opened in the current year, which will focus on the further internationalization of corporate activities:

Syncraft Engineering GmbH ................................... Japan

More than metrics GmbH ......................................... USA


Digitization & Online

Digitization and online have been MCI's declared strategic directions for years. Apart from continuous digitization of all workflows as well as study and learning processes, several study programs can now be completed extensively as online studies, which makes it much easier to combine, study, work, family, working abroad, etc., triggers enormous innovative impulses in research, teaching and learning, and opens up additional market opportunities.  In the meantime, almost 400 students or 12% of all MCI students study in so-called online study programs. This proportion will continue to rise with the newly launched programs. In addition, online courses will be further expanded for students enrolled in face-to-face courses, which will give them greater flexibility and variability.

Doctoral program

We are particularly pleased to announce that in 2017, in cooperation with the University of Antwerp and the Antwerp Management School (both internationally accredited and excellently ranked academic institutions), MCI launched a Doctorate Program in Management, leading to the academic degree of "Doctor of Philosophy" or "PhD". Six students from all over the world were admitted in the first year, and in autumn 2018, a further nine students were enrolled in this doctoral program.


The MCI is one of the most international universities in Austria:

• 252 partner universities (including 16 new agreements last year)

• 970 exchange students in the current year (480 outgoing and 390 incoming)

• 16 double-degree programs, i.e. courses with the option of a double degree

• 1 European Joint Master Program, supported by 4 European universities

• 7 summer / winter schools• Applications from 75 nations• Students from 50 nations

• Lecturers from 35 nations

• Core team from 20 nations

• 10 courses in English

The MCI is one of the few universities in the German-speaking world with the prestigious worldwide AACSB accreditation as well as the exclusive double FIBAA gold premium seal. Memberships to the International Association of Universities (IAU), the European University Association (EUA), the Worldwide MBA Roundtable, the United Nations Global PRME Initiative, the International Campus of Excellence, the European Federation of Management Development (EFMD) and numerous other academic institutions promote worldwide exchange of academic know-how, benchmarking, quality development, branding, reputation and visibility of the Entrepreneurial School®.


Univ. Dr. Bernhard Tilg, Wissenschaftslandesrat in Tirol: "The MCI is a great success story in teaching as well as in research, development, digitization, innovation and start-ups. I would like to thank the entire team around Rector Altmann for exemplary development work, which is envy of Tyrol at home and abroad. 

MCI Rector Dr. Andreas Altmann: "We owe it to our employees, students, graduates, partners and stakeholders, and not least to our owners, who make our work possible and support it to the degree that MCI has flourished so well since its 23 years of existence and can set itself further high goals. We are all united through a clear focus on the future with the goal of innovation, performance and quality".

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