November 22nd 2018

MCI and Holo-Light celebrate the launch of their first hardware

The Entrepreneurial School® and Tech-Enterprise Holo-Light launch the revolutionary Holo-Stylus I "Mouse of the Future" I mixed-reality solutions with breakthrough applications

The Holo-Stylus revolutionizes the interaction and creation in virtual space. Phototo: Holo-Light.
The Holo-Stylus revolutionizes the interaction and creation in virtual space. Phototo: Holo-Light.

"Holo-Stylus" is the name given to the high-tech product developed by the start-up company Holo-Light and the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI), which revolutionizes interaction and creation in virtual space, not least because of its incomparable level of precision. The "mouse of the future", which has already won several awards, is now ready for delivery. A supplied SDK (software development kit) ensures that the potential of the input device is now also explored and fully exploited by interested developers beyond the ranks of Holo-Light.

The "mouse of the future" revolutionizes interaction with digital worlds

The Holo-Stylus promises more precise interaction and creation possibilities, as well as intuitive notation and marking of digital content and much more. Not only does it make AR much easier to use, but it also opens up possibilities for using the technology in areas that have not yet been touched by AR. "With the technology built into the Holo-Stylus, AR applications for areas that could not previously be developed due to a lack of precision, such as training scenarios for surgical procedures, are now possible for the first time," says Philipp Landgraf, Holo-Light development manager for the Holo-Stylus.  The Holo-Stylus is expected to take positioning accuracy to a new level, as well as micrometer-accurate AR measurements. The latter can already be tried out in a demo application (downloadable from the Microsoft Store).

Holo stylus and tracking technology as a result of years of research

Holo-Light, a young company with almost 40 employees, has specialized in making AR applications for industry as user-friendly and immersive as possible by fulfilling the current most important wishes of the market. "Since we conduct each project together with the customer with constant feedback discussions, we find out first-hand where the biggest hurdles and user pain points currently lie with regard to augmented reality," says Philipp Uscharewitz, Head of Project Management at Holo-Light. "It is important for us to ensure the greatest possible user-friendliness for AR applications, as well as smooth processes, which is why the needs of our customers are also essential in order to advance the technology on all fronts.

In this way, Holo-Light was able to detect a clear demand, for example in terms of interaction with holographic content, especially when it comes to the most uniform, intuitive and, above all, precise control method possible. For this reason, Holo-Light has specialized in the development of a tracking technology that is based on artificial intelligence, which continuously improves and thus offers a hitherto incomparable precision.

As of now, the product will be on sale with first deliveries taking place tomorrow, Friday (23.11.18).

MCI Research Director Michael Kraxner and Rector Andreas Altmann are proud of this ground-breaking success: "As the Entrepreneurial School®, MCI positions itself at the interface of business and science. We are very pleased to have been able to contribute our expertise to the development of this exciting future technology. Congratulations to the great team! "

The stylus is currently available on the holo-light website at