January 03rd 2019

MCI Teaching Award 2018

Lecturers of the Entrepreneurial School® honored for outstanding achievements – Excellence in teaching as the basis for successful graduates

Two of the Teaching Award laureates: Parjeet Singh (left) and Michaela Pichler. Photo: MCI
Two of the Teaching Award laureates: Parjeet Singh (left) and Michaela Pichler. Photo: MCI

In recognition of their outstanding achievements in teaching, three MCI lecturers received the MCI Teaching Award 2018 shortly before Christmas. The award is based on the overall ranking of the evaluation results and includes all study programs and courses within one academic year.

The deserving winners are:

  • Michaela Pichler, lecturer in the Department of Social Work
  • Parjeet Singh, English Lecturer in the Departments of Biotechnology & Food Technology and Management & Law
  • Thomas Pichler, Lecturer in the Department of Economics & Management

Professional expertise, modern didactics, appropriate to the target group, and, above all, the ability to get to the heart of the matter while inspiring students with the respective subject matter all form the success factors for good teaching. All three distinguished lecturers have met these requirements in an exemplary manner. They are characterized by active, practice-oriented and conversation-oriented teaching that ideally links research, teaching and practice and involves the students personally.

Franz Pegger, Chair of the MCI Collegium, along with Deputy Chair, Claudia Mössenlechner emphasize: "Excellent teaching is an essential building block for the quality of a university. We are therefore proud that we continue to honor particularly deserving colleagues with the MCI Teaching Award every year. "

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