January 22nd 2019

MCI professorship to Angela Hofmann

The Entrepreneurial school® awards professorship to FH-Prof. Dr. Ing. techn. Angela Hofmann

Dr. techn. Angela Hofmann receives MCI professorships. Photo: MCI
Dr. techn. Angela Hofmann receives MCI professorships. Photo: MCI

In recognition of her achievements in research and teaching, her exemplary translation of research achievements into practice as well as her contribution to the further development of the MCI and the higher education sector in general, the MCI has recently awarded Prof. Angela Hofmann the title of Professor.

Originally trained as a chemical laboratory assistant and specialist technician for environmental protection, waste and recycling technology, Angela Hofmann laid the foundation for her later research interests early on. Her academic career began with the completion of her studies in Environmental Engineering at MCI in 2003, followed by numerous practical projects and supplementary qualifications. She set another milestone with her doctorate in process engineering at the Vienna University of Technology, which she completed in 2018. In her dissertation "Thermochemical gasification of biogenic raw materials with a low melting point of ash", Hofmann studied the kinetics of gasification reactions in the presence of potassium compounds. Since 2009, she has been lecturing at the Entrepreneurial School® in the field of renewable energies. Her research focuses on sustainable energy planning and energy development as well as energy production from biomass.

Angela Hofmann’s inaugural lecture on "Energy transition and climate change adaptation" proved that she has succeeded in transferring her research and practice expertise into exciting and target-oriented teaching. With the provocative statement "Technology will do the trick ..." she showed how energy use and energy sources should evolve to ensure a long-term, resource-efficient energy supply. Hofmann argued that above all it is about the responsibility of society as a whole. If there is to be an energy turnaround, this will influence the entire social system. Ultimately, the energy supply of the future depends not only on the technical possibilities, but also on the economic and social sciences, which are required to develop viable solutions together with the technical disciplines.

The rapturous applause following her presentation indicated that Angela Hoffmann had successfully conveyed her message to the numerous friends, companions, colleagues and students gathered. MCI Rector Andreas Altmann presented the certificate of appointment to the FH Professor together with the Chair of the University Collegium, Prof. Dr. Franz Pegger, and Department Head Prof. Marco Rupprich PhD.