February 13th 2019

MCI elects new Academic Council

Franz Pegger re-elected head and Claudia Mössenlechner deputy head for the new term of office, 2019 to 2021

Claudia Mössenlechner, Associate Head, and Franz Pegger, Head of the Academic Council. Photo: MCI
Claudia Mössenlechner, Associate Head, and Franz Pegger, Head of the Academic Council. Photo: MCI

The newly elected MCI Academic Council kicked off its 2019 to 2021 term of office with their January 15, 2019 inaugural meeting at the Entrepreneurial School®. Although the three divisions (heads of department and studies, research and teaching staff, and students) held their elections at the end of November 2018, the election of Franz Pegger as Head of Academic Council and Claudia Mössenlechner as Deputy Head took place on January 24, 2019. Both candidates had already successfully chaired the MCI Academic Council in the previous term. Franz Pegger has headed the council since 2012, and Claudia Mössenlechner took over the office as deputy head in 2017.

Franz Pegger is a lawyer and management expert and has been a lecturer in numerous study programs and courses at MCI ever since its inception. Franz Pegger’s main occupation is working as a lawyer and partner at a business law firm in Innsbruck. He serves as a member of the supervisory board and chairman of the supervisory board of several Austrian companies. Through his work on the various boards, he actively contributes to the further development of the business sector. Franz Pegger also teaches at the Faculty of Business and Management and the Faculty of Law of the University of Innsbruck.

Claudia Mössenlechner has been involved in the activities of MCI for many years and stands out due to her outstanding expertise in science, teaching, and practice. She is a trained Anglicist and is the head of the MCI Learning Solutions Department. Her work has provided valuable input for the establishment and further development of our range of online study programs. Claudia Mössenlechner has extensive experience in the development of curricula and didactic concepts as well as in the evaluation of courses in the European Higher Education Area.

Franz Pegger is delighted about his re-election as Head of Academic Council: “It is very important to me to be able to closely collaborate with my colleagues to ensure and develop the quality of academic education at MCI.

Deputy Head of Academic Council, Claudia Mössenlechner, adds: “I am particularly pleased to work in an environment shaped by trust and mutual respect and support the development of the MCI in the international market.

MCI Rector Andreas Altmann congratulated the newly appointed council members: “I am glad that both Franz Pegger and Claudia Mössenlechner have put themselves forward for the election and have once again been received with such approval. They have become well-known and respected not only based on their excellent knowledge of MCI, but also by their competence in conducting in-depth research and teaching, and their distinguished qualifications that considerably contribute to the further development of the school. It is particularly pleasing to see how constructive, dynamic, and results-oriented the electoral process was. I would like to thank the outgoing council members for their excellent work and wish the new team good luck and success.

The principal duties of the MCI Academic Council are to further develop efficient academic structures, to promote consistent standards, processes, and elections, to create school-internal stages of appeal, and to advance the institutionalization of academic quality assurance in a growing organization. Apart from the head and deputy head, the new Academic Council includes five heads of department and studies and seven representatives of the teaching and research staff, each of which has been elected by their respective bodies. In addition, the MCI Student Council appointed four of its members to act as the student representatives in the Academic Council.

The newly elected MCI Academic Council at a glance:


  • Franz Pegger

Deputy head:

  • Claudia Mössenlechner

Heads of department and studies representatives:

  • Christoph Griesbeck
  • Peter Mirski
  • Marco Rupprich
  • Hubert Siller
  • Siegfried Walch

Teaching and research staff representatives:

  • Sarah Agath
  • Barbara Egger-Russe
  • Benjamin Massow
  • Vladan Antonovic
  • Martin Pillei
  • Sara Repo
  • Stephan Schlögl

Student representatives:

  • Maximilian Götz
  • Samuel Kok
  • Martina Matieschek
  • Magdalena Posch
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