March 13th 2019

MCI technology goes Japan

Syncraft lands major international contract and establishes subsidiary in the land of the rising sun

Shingo Numa, CEO of Forest Energy, and Marcel Huber, CEO of the MCI-Spin-off Syncraft, agree upon the cooperation. Photo: Syncraft.
Shingo Numa, CEO of Forest Energy, and Marcel Huber, CEO of the MCI-Spin-off Syncraft, agree upon the cooperation. Photo: Syncraft.

A spin-off company of the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) has recently achieved monumental success with an international scope: The technology company Syncraft will build a one billion yen wood-fired power plant in Shingu City, Japan, which will supply 3,900 Japanese households with electricity and heat. The plant is a highly efficient power plant based on a floating bed technology developed at MCI in collaboration with Syncraft.

The MCI spin-off Syncraft, which emerged from a research project at MCI, is now developing, planning and constructing state-of-the-art wood-fired power plants throughout Europe. With the collaboration in Japan, another international milestone has been reached. Marcel Huber, founder and CEO of Syncraft, is impressed: "Following Fukushima, Japan recognized that renewable energies are the way forward. I am delighted that we can make a valuable contribution here as a Tyrolean company".

The sophisticated floating bed technology works completely emission-free and achieves a fuel efficiency of up to 92%. In contrast to energy sources such as wind and sun, energy production from wood chips is both stable and predictable. Hence, this technology is globally regarded as a pioneer in the field of renewable energies, and it represents an ideal alternative for Japan, a country rich in forests. Shingo Numa, CEO of the Japanese Syncraft partner Forest Energy, is enthused by the collaboration: "The innovative technology offers an immense advantage over other suppliers. We are convinced that together with Syncraft we will build several more wood-fired power plants in Japan".

MCI-Rector Andreas Altmann is delighted for MCI spin-off Syncraft: "As the Entrepreneurial School®, we support the entrepreneurial ideas of our students and graduates alike, and help jumpstart the founding of companies, when innovative concepts prove particularly promising. The fact that the MCI spin-off Syncraft operates internationally with such success confirms the strategy of the MCI. "

Ulrike Fuchs
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