May 15th 2019

MCI rewards innovative business ideas

Creativity Award 2019 - Entrepreneurial School® rewards its students’ innovative business concepts - New ideas for products, services and processes - Enormous potential and excellent market opportunities

Creativity Award 2019, from left: Franz Pegger,  Andreas Altmann, winner Benedikt Weber, Michael Kraxner. Photo: MCI
Creativity Award 2019, from left: Franz Pegger, Andreas Altmann, winner Benedikt Weber, Michael Kraxner. Photo: MCI

This year, the legendary MCI Creativity Award once again yielded excellent business ideas from MCI students who were evaluated and selected by a jury of experts in a multi-stage selection and award process. Five students, or groups of students, from different study programs at MCI received the coveted awards.

The reward winners and their ideas:

  • 1st place:
    Benedikt Weber (Business & Management)
    Theme: Sports Mania
    Sports Mania is a platform for free spots at various sports, nutrition and outdoor events. You can easily design your own leisure program without registration, without commitment and without fixed costs, and also book online.
  • Place 2:
    Daniil Nikonenko (Business Administration online)
    Theme: Shark plug
    Unchained plug system that allows a user to connect to the socket at any location.
  • Place 3:
    Mario Gebhart (Mechatronics)
    Theme: FireCompass
    With its innovative technology, the FireCompass aids firefighters with their orientation in any challenging situation.
  • 4th place:
    Ana Fazarinc Povh, Tomaš Jurčik, Nicole Rasner, Wout Hollestelle (Business Administration online)
    Theme: OutdoorsO
    "OutdoorsO - Your gateway to safe action outdoors" is an online marketplace for mountain biking and snow sport instructors from certified sport instructors.
  • 5th place:
    Peter Thomas Prommer, Stefan Geisler, Benjamin Krokenberger, Ivana Lazendic (Business & Management)
    Theme: 1-Click Moving Service
    We simplify moves through a dynamic system.

With the support of Startup.Tirol, the Tyrolean Industry Federation and the daily newspaper Die Presse awarded attractive cash prizes and non-cash prizes worth more than € 4,000 for the winning innovative business ideas.

The MCI Creativity Award regularly rewards outstanding business and product ideas and is presented to all MCI students who wish to assume economic and social responsibility through their entrepreneurial spirit. More than 70 students demonstrated their inventiveness, entrepreneurial potential and entrepreneurial spirit this year. The entries reflect the entire range of degree programs and research offered at MCI, and all stem from economic, and social science disciplines as well as from the fields of technology and life sciences. A jury of experts consisting of several members in a demanding multi-stage selection process selected the five award winners.

Marcus Hofer, Managing Director of the start-up center Startup.Tirol says, "The MCI Creativity Award gives students the opportunity to deal with fundamental questions about the market potential of their idea. Increasingly, participation in the Creativity Award is also the first step in the direction of starting a business. Our start-up consultants look forward to advising and accompanying future start-up teams on their way to entering the market. "

Michael Kraxner, Head of Research & Development at MCI says, "With the MCI Creativity Award, the MCI is opening its doors for its students to start their own business. The winners include the local economy as well as the students themselves, who receive individual feedback and support for their entrepreneurial concepts. "

Andreas Altmann, MCI-Rector says, "As the Entrepreneurial School® we promote and challenge the entrepreneurial spirit of young people. With the Creativity Award, the MCI, together with its partners, sets incentives for entrepreneurial thinking and actively molds the start-up environment in Tyrol. "

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