June 03rd 2019

New from autumn: Master's program "Medical Technologies"

Applications now being accepted!


The Medical Technologies* Master's program at MCI which will be launched in autumn 2019. Photo: MCI
The Medical Technologies* Master's program at MCI which will be launched in autumn 2019. Photo: MCI

Innovative, future-oriented, practical and international - the Medical Technologies* Master's program at MCI, which will be launched in autumn 2019. The program will be established through the support of the state of Tyrol and offered in close cooperation with the Medical University of Innsbruck, the Leopold-Franzens-University, UMIT and the FH Gesundheit.

Exciting field of the future

Medical technology, with its diverse characteristics, applications and links to digitization, information technology, health, sport, ergonomics and rehabilitation, is one of the most important fields of the future with excellent career opportunities.

Consolidation of competencies

Medical technology embodies, consolidates, and, above all, links the expertise in the fields of science and industry as well as health and medical care particularly that of which is available at the Innsbruck-Tyrol location.

Business and practice oriented

The content and direction of the English-language study program is that of a high degree of business and practical relevance preparing students for challenging tasks in research, development, business and consulting both at home and abroad.

Job-friendly model

The job-friendly scheduling of the program facilitates a limited degree of professional and occupational commitment parallel to studying.

Applications now being accepted - next application deadlines 1 July.

Applications are now being accepted up until the application deadline of 1 July. Early applications are highly recommended.

Click here for the online application: www.mci.edu/application

All detailed information can be found here:

* subject to accreditation by AQ Austria


  • State Governor Günther Platter sees the new course as an important expansion of the existing fields of competence locally: "Tyrol has state of the art facilities and the highest standards in science, research, education and health care. With the new study program, these competences will be further developed and closely intertwined".
  • Regional Minister Bernhard Tilg is particularly pleased about the cross-institutional positioning of the new study program: "For me as the Regional Minister for Science and Health, the local cooperation is a prime example of how we can jointly create synergies with positive effects on the quality of the services provided, the permeability of the system, the scientific output and patient care."
  • Wolfgang Fleischhacker, Rector of the Medical University of Innsbruck, believes that new potential is opening up: "Medicine without medical technology is no longer conceivable today. With this new study program we are strengthening the technological competence at a locally, increasing the number of qualified young scientists and are able to realize joint ideas and projects in a short space of time."
  • Tilmann Märk, Rector of the Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck and Chairman of the Tyrolean University Conference emphasizes the shared character: "I see the new Medical Technologies degree program as an expression of active cooperation in the common economic and higher education area for the benefit of all those involved."
  • For Andreas Mehrle, head of the study program the development team, the new course closes an important gap in the location: "The new English-language Master's program complements the existing Bachelor's course in Mechatronics with the highly sought-after medical technology branch in an outstanding way. It offers excellent qualifications for young people and allows for limited professional and occupational commitment while studying. Applications are now being accepted, and we are already experiencing great demand from all over the world."
  • MCI Rector Andreas Altmann emphasizes the innovative characteristics of medical technology: "With this new study program, we are enabling young people to enter an exciting field of the future while providing our students with excellent career prospects."


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