June 04th 2019

MCI ranked in World's Top 25

GOOD NEWS: Renowned U-Multirank 2019 ranks MCI among the 25 best universities in two categories: International Orientation of Study Programs & Connection with Business and the World of Work


U-Multirank lists the MCI among the 25 best universities worldwide in two categories. Illustration: U-Multirank
U-Multirank lists the MCI among the 25 best universities worldwide in two categories. Illustration: U-Multirank

The Entrepreneurial School® in Innsbruck brings us sensational news. The renowned "U-Multirank", initiated by the European Commission, lists the MCI Management Center Innsbruck among the 25 best universities worldwide in two categories:

  • International Orientation of Study Programs
  • Connection to Business and the World of Work

In addition, there are a number of other excellently ranked indicators, for example in the categories of successful knowledge transfer to industry and strategic research cooperation. Excellent rankings also apply to the entire field of teaching and studies.

The U-Multirank compares the quality of 1,711 universities and institutes of higher learning in 96 countries worldwide. With two rankings in the "GLOBAL TOP 25", MCI is one of the few institutes to have achieved such sensational results.


The U-Multirank, initiated by the European Commission, is distinguished by its multi-dimensional approach measuring multiple quality criteria of universities and institutes of higher learning. In addition to comprehensive information on the participating academic institutes, the evaluation of publication and patent databases, and the collection of statistical data, students are also invited to assess the quality of their own institutes. In total, feedback from more than 100,000 students was assessed.

Launched in 2008 on the initiative of the European Commission, the U-Multirank not only analyzes large, traditional universities, but also focuses on smaller and specialized institutes of higher learning. The target group of the U-Multirank are students, researchers and decision-makers in universities and the economy.


Iris Rauskala, Federal Minister of Education, Science and Research: "The MCI once again proves its outstanding positioning in the international context as well as its strong practical relevance to the world of work. With the results of the U-Multirank, Austria as a location for science shows its strengths in the academic sector and positions itself clearly in an international context. Congratulations to the MCI and its team."

Günther Platter, Governor of Tyrol: "The results of the international U-Multirank university comparison once again confirm the high quality of education, the perfectly functioning interaction between business practice and science, and the international orientation at the MCI. I am proud that we can boast such a renowned university landscape in our country and thus offer the best educated graduates viable prospects for the future".

Bernhard Tilg, Regional Minister for Science, and Chairman of the MCI General Assembly: "My warmest congratulations on another outstanding result from the MCI in the international university comparison. Founded more than 20 years ago now, the MCI has never rested on its laurels. The 'Entrepreneurial School® has been continually developed into an excellent educational institute acting as a beacon for the entire Tyrolean higher education landscape".

Oswald Wolkenstein, Managing Director of the Industry Division of the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the General MCI Advisory Board: "The MCI is a highly valued partner of the domestic economy and is distinguished through excellence in teaching, an impressive network with first-class cooperation, as well practice and research projects. In addition, MCI graduates acquire an international education which qualifies them to take on highly-challenging roles."

Brigitte Auer, Head of MCI Quality Management: "Our international orientation, excellence in teaching, networking and practical relevance as well as knowledge transfer are among the most vital success factors of the MCI. The fact that we once again have succeeded in achieving such excellent results in the U-Multirank in these categories rubber stamps our continual drive for ensuring the highest quality possible."

MCI-Rector Andreas Altmann: "Once again, our team has done an incredible job. Many thanks and congratulations to the entire team in research, teaching, management and administration as well as to our committed sponsors and partners for their trust and perennial support. We see the results as an inspiration and an incentive to maintain this path to continued success!

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