July 08th 2019

New Head of Studies at MCI

Werner Stadlmayr takes over the management of the Study Program "Environmental, Process & Energy Technology"

Werner Stadlmayr takes over the management of the Study Program
Werner Stadlmayr takes over the management of the Study Program "Environmental, Process & Energy Technology". Photo: MCI

For more than 20 years now, the Department of Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering (UVET) at MCI has been writing a success story. Now, Werner Stadlmayr will take charge of the department and its degree programs. Following a call for applications for the post and the subsequent appointment process, the MCI Advisory Board has now confirmed Werner Stadlmayr as Head of Studies. The change of management came about due to the former Head of Studies, Marco Rupprich, following his calling to move in to the private sector.

FH-Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Werner Stadlmayr has been a lecturer at MCI since 2012; since 2014, he has been in charge of the Department of Mathematics and Physics, and in spring 2017, he was awarded the title of Professor. His curriculum vitae not only highlights outstanding scientific achievements, prizes and scholarships, but also outstanding didactic qualifications. He is held in high esteem by students and faculty alike. Werner Stadlmayr is looking forward to his task and says, "Marco Rupprich as predecessor in my function has set the bar high. Together with the entire team, I will do everything in my power to maintain and further develop the scientific and didactic level. It is of particular importance to me to get as many young people as possible - young men as well as young women - interested in studying technology at MCI".

Originally a Diploma program in "Process & Environmental Engineering", the UVET Department now offers both a UVET Bachelor’s and a UVET Master’s degree, each with several specialization options, in both full-time and part-time models. While the bachelor's program provides a sound engineering education with excellent career opportunities in the field of "Green Technologies", the master's program offers the option of specializing in the fields of plant construction, chemical engineering, energy technology and environmental technology.

The Entrepreneurial School® congratulates Werner Stadlmayr on his appointment as Head of Studies and at the same time thanks Marco Rupprich for his work in the successful development of the program.