November 13th 2019

Taiwan Studies Project Scholarship

The Taiwan Studies Project Scholarship has made it possible for Imke Berg, MCI’s master’s student in Food Technology & Nutrition, to currently study at the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST).

A warm welcome for Imke Berg at NPUST. Photo: Imke Berg
A warm welcome for Imke Berg at NPUST. Photo: Imke Berg

Ms. Berg about her first two months in Taiwan:  “Since I arrived at the campus, it feels like I'm here since years. For sure, the kindness and warmth of the Taiwanese people are responsible for it. I've never been to a place where really everyone wants to help you. Apart from the mentality, the landscape of the island is beautiful! Actually, Taiwan is another world with totally different people, food, you do not have any idea what it could be and another way of living, working and treating each other.”

Imke Berg is of high praise of her host university and the campus: “I really enjoy being here at NPUST with the campus which is that big that there are own buses, traffic lights and a gate. We have a big gym and a swimming hall, parks and a small lake. Everything you need, you can find at the Campus.“

In addition to attending classes at NPUST, Imke Berg is working on her master's thesis, which deals with bread production. In the alpine region sour dough is often used as a leavening agent, whereas in Taiwan substitutes are used for bakery products, which are currently being researched by Ms. Berg.

With currently 11 active partnership agreements, MCI places special emphasis on working with excellent universities in Taiwan. The Taiwan Studies Project Scholarship forms a significant part of the collaboration. These scholarships are funded by the Taiwanese Ministry of Education. The scholarship requirements are strict and only students with a good GPA and academic thesis that establish a connection to the Taiwanese economy or society succeed.

We wish Ms. Berg a pleasant stay in Taiwan and good luck for her master’s thesis.

Mag. Susanne Crawford | Assistant & Project Manager Marketing & Communications
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